The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Dev telling Soha to finish her milk. He then tells Aayush to brush his teeth after drinking milk. Aayush asks if Sonakshi has left because of everything that happened. He tells Dev to call Sonakshi back as he is fine. Dev asks him to sleep, he even kisses Soha and Aayush. Ishwari asks Dev about Sonakshi. Dev replies Sonakshi is angry with both of them at what she has done. Ishwari says Sonakshi will return soon as she won’t be able to stay without her children. Ronita is trying to calm down her daughter Mishti, Sonakshi offers to tell her a bedtime story.

Sonakshi remembers about Soha, Shub and Aayush and thinks about them. she suddenly hears the car horn, Dev starts calling her. Dev threatens to come upstairs if she doesn’t come down. Sonakshi says he can do whatever he wants. Dev rings the bell and comes inside. Dev sees Sonakshi so he exclaims that he wants to talk to her. Sonakshi goes into the room and he follows her apologizing that she should come back home and forget the situation. Sonakshi and Dev argue about the situation, in the end, Dev leaves saying she can come back after removing the bad perception which is in her head against him and his mother.

Dev goes to his house, he opens the door of the room and sees that the children are sitting with Sonakshi who is on the call. Sonakshi is telling them a story as Shub was not able to sleep. Later Sonakshi and Dev both are lying on the bed. Sonakshi thinks Dev knows she loves her children but even then, he asked her to live at her parents’ house till she clears her head. Dev thinks Sonakshi used to understand what he meant but now she doesn’t know how he is feeling.

In the morning, Dev is getting Soha ready for school. Soha asks where Maa is as she is missing her but Dev explains he would drop her off at school. Shubh comes to Dev asking where Maa is and he needs her. Dev tries to comfort him but Radha assures him that she would take care of Shub. Baldev comes to Dev and explains that when the rope is burning they should not stretch it but put water on it. Dev leaves with Soha. Baldev says he has never seen Dev so angry as he would always leave after taking his blessings but now has left without doing it.