The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Saurabh saying that Bijoy should have come between Sonakshi and Dev. Sonakshi says if Baba would have interfered they would have not been able to talk. She says whether it was good or bad they were able to talk. Saurabh says that she does not have to go back as he and Baba are enough for her. Sonakshi says it’s not easy as she has her family and children there. She says when Dev came she thought he had come to apologise for what his mother did but instead he was defending her. Bijoy tells Sonakshi that she is an intelligent woman and knows what she has to do in the future. Radha and Ishwari are in the kitchen discussing how Sonakshi can stay away from her children for so long.

Soha comes into the kitchen and asks Ishwari what is there to eat. Ishwari replies she has made ladyfinger sabji. Soha says she doesn’t like it, so Ishwari says she can tell her what she likes and she will make it. Aayush comes asking whether he can make something. Ishwari discourages him saying boys should not cook but Baldev says he should be allowed to cook if he likes it. Aayush is cooking with Soha who tells him that her mother cooks yummy food. Aayush says he never saw his mother but he made pizza with Sonakshi Aunty which was tasty. Radha tells Ishwari that the children are missing their mother.

Aayush makes potato crackers which impresses Soha. Baldev says that the children can do anything to get happy but they can not be happy without their mother. Later Ishwari is rushing outside, Baldev asks her where she is going. She says she is going to bring Sonakshi back as the children, as well as Dev, are missing her. Ishwari says Sonakshi left because of her so she will be the one to get her back. Till then Sonakshi comes and everyone gets happy seeing her return. The children rush to Sonakshi. She tells them she missed them a lot and gives them chocolate.

Ishwari says she has made a good decision by coming back. Sonakshi replies she has not come to stay but will take her children with her. Ishwari tries to explain that this house is her real house and not her parent’s house. Sonakshi says the parents house always belongs to the children. Sonakshi goes and brings her bag, Dev tells her to stop. Ishwari says it’s not such a big issue that she is taking such a decision. Sonakshi says that ever since childhood they are given a name but she took away everything from Aayush.

Ishwari asks if she is trying to make her look bad in front of Veid. Sonakshi says she should have thought about it before as because of her a mother couldn’t fulfil a promise made to her son. Baldev tells Sonakshi to do as she wishes but requests her to listen to him first. They go to talk in a different room. Ishwari tells Dev only he is with her in every decision because he knows whatever decision she takes is for the betterment of the family. Dev says everyone has different ways of understanding. He hopes Mama jee will be able to make Sonakshi understand.