The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Aayush going to his class. The teacher welcomes Aayush and introduces him to the class. Golu and other students make fun of him. Dev is restless in the office, Vicky gives him a file to check. He tells Dev he is going to pick Golu so will pick Suhana and Aayush as well. Sonakshi is restless too and she blames it on Dev. During the lunch break, Aayush tries to talk to Suhana and Golu but they run away. Aayush gets bullied by other students for his English. At Night Ishwari brings juice for Suhana and Aayush. He asks Suhana why she didn’t play with him at school. Suhana remembers Golu telling her that he is her only friend. Suhana tells Aayush they play together at home so she wants him to make new friends.

Suhana asks if he will complain about it to Sonakshi, he says no. Sonakshi comes into the room. Aayush complains to her about how the other students made fun of him for his English. Sonakshi encourages Aayush to learn English. Dev goes to sleep in the corridor. Aayush comes to complain about boys bullying him.

But stops after seeing Dev sleeping in the corridor. He asks Dev if they are fighting because of him. Dev tells him that their problems are too big and will take time to resolve, he tells Aayush to not worry and go to sleep. Dev is restless and can’t sleep so takes pills.

Ishwari comes and asks Dev if they are fighting because of her. She says they separated because of her once and she doesn’t want to repeat it so she will go and stay at the farmhouse with Baldev and Radha. Dev tells Ishwari it’s not because of her and she shouldn’t think that way. Ishwari hopes that Sonakshi understands him.

Dev is looking for a file so he calls Sonakshi. Sonakshi cuts the call as she is talking with a client, Jatin notices it. Dev messages her to call him back after she gets free but Sonakshi doesn’t call back. Dev gets frustrated and takes pills again. At school, the teacher gives an activity and divides students into two teams. During the activities students mock Ayush for his vocabulary. Jatin tells Sonakshi to consult with a counsellor for their relationship problems.