The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Ishwari asking Sonakshi why she didn’t stop Natasha. Sonakshi says she had to leave because of some important work. She tells Ishwari that Natasha informed her that Dev was supposed to bring his wife to the party but instead lied that Sonakshi was unwell. Ishwari says that Dev is the one who keeps things to himself even when he is hurting. She advises Sonakshi to put effort into mending their relationship. Sonakshi says she is trying but some efforts should come from Dev as well. Ishwari says that Dev must be tense she tells her to bring Dev back to their room as he usually sleeps on the balcony.

Soha sees that Aayush is hurt by the boys so she says that the teacher is calling them. She tells Aayush to wash his face and come to the class, she says she will inform the teacher what the bad boys did. Aayush stops her saying they were just teaching him how to play. At night Sonakshi sees Dev heading towards the balcony so she goes near him and says they should end their differences and he should return to the room. Dev walks away, Sonakshi asks why he never says anything. Dev says because it is his habit. He opens his arms, Sonakshi hugs him and they both laugh.

Next-Day Aayush is not ready to go to school as he has a stomach ache. Soha says she knows why he doesn’t want to attend school. She says she will inform their parents about the boys who trouble him, but Aayush stops her. Sonakshi comes and gives medicine to Aayush. Sonakshi tells Dev that Aayush doesn’t want to go to school but he doesn’t look unwell. She tells him to talk with Aayush. Dev asks Aayush about it and he realises that Aayush is pretending to have a stomach ache to skip school just like he would do when he was small. He tells Aayush he can share anything with him.

Sonakshi’s car has broken down. Dev comes to help her. While Dev is fixing the car Sonakshi tells him that Natasha visited her. He says Natasha was also asking about her at the party, he mentions the party and then stops. Sonakshi says she knows about it as Natasha called to check on her when he lied that she was not well. Sonakshi says if he didn’t want to take her along at least he should have not lied to her. Dev says he desired to go to a place where there was a place and no one complained about anything, this leaves Sonakshi confused.

Mr and Misses Verma come to visit. Aayush cries hugging them saying he misses them. Sonakshi visits Bijoy to check his health. She tells him to take care after seeing the reports. Bijoy asks how things are between her and Dev. Seeing her expressions Bijoy realises they have not solved the problems. He advises her to either end their relationship or solve the problems and move forward.