The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with the teacher asking the students to show their homework. Rohan exchanges his book with Veid so the teacher praises him after checking his homework. When the teacher checks veid’s homework she scolds him for making mistakes and punishes him. At home, Sonakshi discusses with Dev how there are things that need to be sorted between them. Dev however feels things between them are fine and they currently need to focus on their children. While they are talking Soha asks them to come and see what has happened. They rush and see that Aayush is injured. Ishwari asks Soha to tell them what happened. Soha says that two boys used to bully Aayush since day one. But today they crossed the limit and even threatened Aayush to complete their homework.

Dev remembers Aayush making excuses to not go to school. Sonakshi asks why he didn’t tell them before. Aayush says he didn’t want them to fight because of him. Sonakshi says there’s nothing of that sort. Dev says he will go to the school and complain about it. Ishwari goes to bring a first aid box for Aayush. In the kitchen, Ishwari sees Sonakshi and asks what is worrying her. Sonakshi says she is not a good mother as her son didn’t come and asks for help from her when he was in trouble. She says she didn’t even realise he was in trouble. Ishwari says even mother’s make mistakes. Dev was ill and even she didn’t realise. She says she is from the old generation but Sonakshi is a modern woman so she believes that Sonakshi will find a way to keep her family together.

The next morning Dev meets with the parents of the bullies in the principal’s office. The parents are not ready to agree that their children did such a thing. Dev fights for Veid, the parents ask who is he to Veid. Veid comes in and says that he is his father. The parents apologise and say that they will talk with their children. The teacher also punishes the bullies for asking Veid to do their homework. Dev gets a message from Sonakshi asking him to meet her at a clinic for marriage counselling. Sonakshi is waiting for Dev at the clinic. The doctor calls her in, she gets worried thinking whether Dev will come or not. Dev comes and says he is only doing this because she insisted.

Soha and Aayush happily return home. Soha says that Papa changed the whole game. Ishwari and Radha tell them to explain what happened. Aayush says the teacher punished the bullies and papa fought with their parents for him. Soha feels bad as Aayush calls Dev papa. Dev and Sonakshi enter the office. The doctor says she wants to play a game with them. She gives a ball to Dev and explains that she would ask questions and if he doesn’t want to answer then he must pass it to Sonakshi. She requests them to be honest while answering.