The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Sonakshi saying that her son surprised her so she will surprise Dev today. She makes coffee and keeps it on the table. Seeing Dev coming she hides under a table. Dev comes and sees coffee. He sees Sonakshi under the table and asks if she is playing hide and seek. She asks him if he came to make coffee, he says he only came to drink water. She says he is lying. Dev lifts Sonakshi and makes her sit, their heads hit each other and they get closer to kiss. Ishwari comes and asks what they are doing. She sees coffee and tells Dev he won’t be able to sleep if he drinks coffee now. Sonakshi says she was telling Dev the same thing. They both lie and get to their room. Ishwari wonders why it seemed like they both looked as if they were caught. In the room Dev and Sonakshi joke about being caught.

The next morning Sonakshi tells Dev to attend a yoga session with her. He says he has an important meeting. They get close while talking and Radha sees it. She informs Ishwari saying Dev and Sonakshi are getting close again. She advises Ishwari to keep an eye on them or else Sonakshi will take full control of Dev. Ishwari says there’s no need as she has told Sonakshi to mend her relationship with Dev. Vicky comes with Alena and Gollu. Bijoy brings Shuv to the kitchen and hides the chicken curry under a bowl. Vicky says they should play a game. He passes the ball and says whoever has the ball when the music stops has to do as told.

Ishwari is the first one to get the ball. Vicky tells her to mimic a hero. Radha says she can mimic Shahrukh so she does it. The ball then stops at Bijoy. Vicky says he should sing a song. Bijoy gives the excuse that he can’t sing. Meanwhile, the kids are in the kitchen looking for food. Soha tries to lift the bowl which Bijoy has kept the chicken curry he tries to leave but Baldev stops him saying he should sing. Radha brings the children back which relaxes Bijoy. The ball is then passed to Dev who just arrives, Vicky tells him to dance. He says he will only dance if Sonakshi joins. Dev and Sonakshi start dancing. They are later joined by Alena and Vicky.

Later Alena tries reading cards for Sonakshi. She tells her to pick a card, Sonakshi picks one. Alena explains that a storm will come into her life. On the other hand, the women visit the shop to return the bouquet and ask for the person’s name. But the shopkeeper says he has no idea. Radha finds out that Bijoy brought chicken curry into the house. She scolds him for breaking their family rule. Bijoy says he brought it for someone in the house who asked for it. They all look at Sonakshi but she says she didn’t ask for it. They all look at each other. Dev asks for the person’s name. Bijoy says the person who asked him to get it is a little shy.