The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Sonakshi in her room thinking about what Alena said about the storm coming into their life. Dev comes and asks what she is thinking about. She says nothing and asks how his meeting went with Mr Badra and asks if there was anyone else with him. Dev says it was just both of them. Dev goes to change but he gets stuck in his shirt, Sonakshi helps him and asks who he was thinking about that he got stuck. Dev says to his wife. Sonakshi says he is being very romantic. Dev says he is just listening to the Dr as she told them to act as bf and gf. Sonakshi shows him the gift that she got for him. Dev says even he got flowers for her but someone else took them. Ishwari asks them to come down to have food. Gollu comes with Soha and tells Aayush that he found a snake in the garden. Aayush says they should inform their parents. Gollu calls Aayush a coward, so Soha warns him to not call her brother a coward.

Sanjana tells her friend how she met Dev and it was serendipity. The friend asks her about the woman to whom Dev wrote the letter to. She says she just knows that there is something wrong between both of them and Dev is trying to fix it. Sanjana says she wants to know more about Dev. The entire family is having dinner, Ishwari asks Sonakshi to eat food. Dev tells her that Sonakshi has already eaten. Sonakshi is confused. Dev hits her leg so she accepts that she has already eaten. Gollu shows Aayush and Soha the snake. Soha says she is scared. Aayush says the snake is fake, as he sees the remote that Gollu uses to control the snake. He picks it and throws it on Gollu.

In the room, Sonakshi wonders why Dev didn’t let her have dinner. Shuv comes and tells Sonakshi to feed him sweets. Ishwari comes and tells them they are all going to Mata Rani’s pooja. Shuv insists so Ishwari decides to take him as well. Later Dev comes and closes Sonakshi’s eyes from behind. Dev takes her downstairs and asks if she thought he would let her starve. He shows her the table he has set. Dev prepares parathas for Sonakshi. They both dance and have a good time. In the morning Sanjana comes to an office asking to meet the chairman. The receptionist calls Dev, he tells her to send the person. Sanjana enters the office and is surprised to see Dev.

Sonakshi is looking for her car keys. Ishwari sees a text on her phone from the doctor and gets worried. She tells Radha that Sonakshi’s phone had a message from Dr Navia Aanand for an appointment. She is worried about what kind of illness they are hiding from her as they always consult a family doctor. Radha says she will find out about the doctor with her secret detective. Sajana and Dev sit together, he says it is such a coincidence. Sanjana says it’s Serendipity. Dev says when they are searching for something they don’t get it but when they are not searching it comes and sits in front of them.