The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Dev showing Sanjana the project details on his laptop. Sanjana puts forth an idea by which Dev is really impressed. Dev’s alarm rings so he says they can continue this tomorrow. Sanjana asks for just a few minutes more. Dev says whatever he is going to do is much more important than any project. At the clinic, Dr Navia praises Sonakshi for doing her homework really well. Dev expects the same remarks when he shows his homework. Sonakshi points out that Dev searched for poems from the internet to impress her. She says even he didn’t know the meaning of the poem. Dev says she knows him the best. Sonakshi advises Dev to do things from his heart. Dev argues that he does everything for her and Sonakshi and the child are his priorities. Sonakshi argues about how he went on a trip when her mother was ill and died.

Dr Navia says it’s good that Sonaskhi has opened up about the reason that was hurting her. Dev asks why she did tell him that this was bothering her. Sonakshi says this was a thing to understand and not tell. She says he wants her to be close to his mother and be there for her. But as a son in law even though he had some responsibilities towards her mother, Sonakshi goes away saying this. Dev says he really didn’t know about this. Dr Navia says now that he knows the problem he should solve it. Ishwari tells Baldev that she didn’t expect Sonakshi to take Dev to a mental clinic. Baldev says it is marriage counselling where couples go to solve their differences. He tells her to not worry as Dev is an adult and won’t do things that he doesn’t agree with.

Dev tries to call Sonakshi but she declines. He sends her an audio message saying if she thinks he doesn’t care about her parents she is wrong. He tells her to check the video that he will send her to see how much her mother means to him. Sonakshi starts crying after seeing the video. Dev requests her to meet him at their favourite cafe at 6 PM. Radha with Ishwari visits Dr Navia’s clinic. Ishwari introduces herself as Dev Dixit’s mother. She asks the Dr that her cabin doesn’t look like an ordinary clinic. Dr Navia says that’s because she works with emotions to bring them on the right path. She says Dev and Sonakshi are working on ending their problems so she should be patient.

Sonakshi is waiting for Dev in the cafe. Dev is driving when he gets a call from Sanjana asking for help. She says she was caught by police for parking the car on the road. She did not have her license or papers and the car is registered in the name of Ishwari infotech. Dev tells the police that it is his company. The police say he needs to come and confirm. Dev tries to call Sonakshi to inform them that he will be late but is not able to reach her.