The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Dev driving to the police station thinking Sonakshi would already be waiting for him. He reaches and confirms the Sanjana is his employee. The inspector tells him that she didn’t have the papers nor the driving license so it is clear she has broken the law. Dev offers to pay any fine. Inspector says that he is Dev Dixit who has started a free clinic so they refuse to accept a fine from him. Soha comes and asks Gollu why he is angry, she says he will always be her best friend. Aayush comes and tells him that he will teach him tricks of Rubik’s cube but he has to be Soha’s friend. Soha comes back asking if they can play badminton. Gollu says he is learning Rubik’s cube. Soha says she wants to learn too, but Gollu comments girls are not smart.

Dev comes back home at night. He goes to the room and apologises to Sonakshi for not reaching the cafe. Sonakshi says that he will say that he didn’t come to meet her because of workload so now he should agree that she is no longer his priority. Sonakshi says he was not with her when she needed him the most. If something would have happened to his mother he would have not even talked with her forget about forgiving her. While she is talking Dev gets a text, which irritates Sonakshi. She says she is talking to him but he is more concerned about the text. Dev says he is listening but gets the text again. Sonakshi takes the phone and reads it. Sonakshi asks who is this girl as he went to her instead of coming to the cafe.

Dev tells Sonakshi to trust him as he only went to her because it was important. He says she is their new employee and was caught by an inspector while driving their company’s car, so he had to leave. Dev says he made a mistake and he is sorry for it. He says if he knew how serious Asha maa’s condition was he would have not left. Dev tries to explain but Sonakshi walks away. In the morning Sonakshi gets the yoga mat ready. Dev comes dressed up apologising to her that he can’t do yoga today. Sonakshi thinks how can Dev be so relaxed after she opened up about such a big thing.

Sanjana is performing yoga with her friend but constantly thinking about Dev. Her friend tells her to perform the exercise and not sleep. Sanjana says she is dreaming with her eyes open and Dev is a trespasser who keeps coming into her dreams. Bijoy and Saurabh find a paying guest who agrees to live even after reading all the rules made by Bijoy. Saurabh tells him he can move tomorrow, the PG says he has brought everything along. Dev is with Dr Navya who tells her that he made a mistake by not being with Sonakshi when her mother passed away. He says he wants to make it up for it as he really cares for Sonakshi. Dr Navya says only he knows how to make it up for his mistake as he is her husband.

Sonakshi in the office thinks that she kept the pain in her heart for such a long time as she didn’t want Dev to be stressed. But after opening up about it he seems to not be concerned at all. She thinks he has ruined her wounds by opening up. Dr Navya tells Dev she is glad Sonakshi opened up to him. This shows that their relationship is strong. Dev says that starting a relationship is easy but fixing it is very difficult. If he fails to do this task he will lose Sonakshi.