The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Dev thinking he can’t relax until Sonakshi forgives him. He thinks of writing down on paper what he feels but throws the paper as he is unable to do so. Alena tells Sonakshi to not worry as men don’t know how to react to such things. She says that Dev loves her a lot and as a result, their relationship is still strong. Sanjana gives a gift to Dev for getting her out of the problem. Dev says that it was his duty. She insists on taking the gift as it would make her happy. She says that the weather is beautiful and she wants to create new designs with him. She says she wants to build new houses for people and knows that the journey will be great. Sanjana notices Dev tensed so asks him. Dev asks why women are so difficult to understand and they always hide their emotions.

Sanjana says that women are more worried about memory and emotions and they do not work on logic. She says for a woman an old rose is more valuable than a diamond necklace. She says women want to be with a man who won’t let go of them and then they capture this moment to see whenever they are worried or feel alone. Dev smiles and thanks Sanjana. Sonakshi gets a call from Vicky informing her that Dev has met with an accident, he sends her the location. Sonakshi reaches there calling out to Dev but she sees him standing in the car. Sonakshi asks what kind of prank this is and turns to leave.

Dev says that this was the only way to call her. He says before meeting her he didn’t know how to differentiate between colours but she came into his life as filled it with colours. He says she changed for him and adjusted with his household. He needs to change more for her. Dev says that he doesn’t share a lot but when he sees her taking care of people and sharing emotions with them he wants to be like her. He says he has learned that forgiveness is better shown than said. Dev closes Sonakshi’s eyes and shows her a board which says Asha primary school. Dev says he can’t explain how important her mother was to him so this is the best way to show. Sonakshi gets happy and hugs Dev.

Bijoy thanks Dev for his deed as in this way Asha will leave among them forever. Dev says he wanted to show them how Asha maa means to him. Later Radha comes and tells Ishwari that she has never seen a son in law do such a big thing for his in-laws. Ishwari says that Dev has certain responsibilities towards Sonakshi. She was hurt as he wanted no present when her mother passed away. He had to show that he treats her mother like his mother. Radha says that Sonakshi will make all the property in her name. Ishwari says that she won’t do such a thing.

Dev asks Iswari if he did the right thing. Ishwari says he did the right thing as because of this many children will be benefited. She tells him he is going in the right direction.