The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Sonakshi looking at herself through the mirror and is in deep thought. Dev comes from behind and hugs her. He ties a promising band in her hand. Sonakshi asks what it is. Dev says it’s a new trend. He says as they are starting a new life, he wants to make some promises to Sonakshi. Sonakshi asks if it is like wedding vows. Dev says yes and promises that he will never make smoke parathas for her, will never search for new ideas of how to get romantic and will never watch videos while Sonakshi is snoring at night. Sonakshi says she doesn’t snore. Both laugh. Sonakshi asks about the most important promise.

Dev asks what it is. Sonakshi. Sonakshi asks Dev to make a promise that he will never forget himself while he will try to make others happy. Meanwhile, Sanjana’s friend exclaims that Dev is married and Sanjana should not think about Dev. Sanjana tells her friend that Dev wrote a letter to some rabbit, and she thought that Dev had written it for her girlfriend but he wrote it for his wife.

Sanjana’s friend asks Sanjana to step back from Dev’s life. Sanjana says it doesn’t seem to be the same as it is looking. Sanjana says that everyone feels that Dev and his wife’s relationship is good but what if it is not. Dev and Sonakshi get romantic.

The next day, Sonakshi shows the promising band to Alena and says that Dev did not make any big promises but he made some promises which were much needed in their relationship. Sonakshi says their relationship is working. Ishwari hears their conversation and hopes Dev is fine and shares everything with her and Sonakshi. Vicky calls Alena and asks her to come home. Alene returns home. Vicky shows her a pic where she is hugging someone. Alena makes Vicky believe that it’s not her and someone has photoshopped it.

Sanjana is working with Dev’s manager. Dev comes there and asks Sanjana to make some changes to the school plan. The manager tells Sanjana that Dev is a very good man and loves his wife a lot. Sanjana thinks Dev loves his wife a lot but does he get the same love from his wife. Sanjana thinks she can give all the love to Dev which he deserves and thinks of entering his life.

Later, Dr. Navya asks Dev and Sanjana how far their relationship is working. Dev says Sonakshi talks about their surprise. Dr. Navya asks them if they think that their relationship is strong enough to handle all the upcoming storms. They nod. Dr. Navya says if they are confident then they can stop the relationship advice and if still, they have some doubt then they can continue.