The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Sonakshi walking into the office looking for Dev. Sanjana asks her where she is going. She says in Dev’s office, Sanjana asks if she has an appointment. Sonakshi says she doesn’t need an appointment as she is his wife. Sometime earlier, Sonakshi takes the children to Bijoy’s house. The children are excited to see him. Suddenly, they smell something from the kitchen. Sonakshi asks who’s cooking as it smells good. The PG comes and serves them food. He says Bijoy should eat healthy as he doesn’t even exercise. Sonakshi and the children like the food. The PG tells Bijoy to taste it. Bijoy says he has made it good by mistake. The PG gets a call and looks tense while talking. Bijoy feels something is wrong.

Sanjana comes into the office wearing a blue dress. She tries to get Dev’s attention but fails. In frustration, she drops the glass of water. Sanjana explains that whenever she wears blue something bad happens. Dev says it’s not true as blue is not a bad colour. Sanjana thinks blue is not that bad as Dev praised her beauty. Sonakshi is in her car driving, she calls Vicky to ask if Dev is in the office. He says Dev has left for a meeting. Sonakshi says it’s a good time to meet Sanjana. Sonakshi and Sanajan bump into each other in the office. Sajana asks if she has an appointment to meet Dev.

After realising that Sonakshi is Dev’s wife she greets her and introduces herself as the new employee. Dev comes asking Sonakshi what she is doing here. Sonakshi hugs him and says she was missing him so came here. She asks what he has done to his hair. Dev says he didn’t get time to cut them. Sanjana says he should take the day off and make memories with his wife as she had said. Sonakshi gets angry thinking Dev took relationship advice from Sanjana. In the car, Sonakshi is mad at Dev that he only took the day off because Sanajana told him to. Dev sings a song to cheer her up.

Sanjana tells her friend that she met Dev’s wife today, and says she is a pretty woman. The Friend asks if at least now she will stop pursuing Dev. Sanjana says she wants the same love that they have. At home, Dev tells Sonakshi to suggest a movie. Sonakshi says she is not in the mood. Dev asks what’s wrong with her as he took the day off from the office to watch a movie with her and now she says she says she is not in the mood. Dev says it’s better he goes back to the office. Downstairs Iswari tells him that she knows he fought with Sonakshi. Dev says it’s normal and if they don’t fight it won’t be normal. Sonakshi thinks about what Dr Navya said that distances in relations lead to a third person coming to stand in between the couple. She vows to never let that happen .