The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Ishwari asking who she is and what is all this stuff. Radha says Dev has sent things required for varth. Sanjana introduces herself as an employee of Dev’s company. Ishwari welcomes her. Sanjana asks to check if anything on the list is missing. Ishwari gets amazed and asks how she knows how to buy all this. Sanjana says her mother also used to do all the pooja so she has an idea about it. She saw a shop nearby the office but since there is a meat shop beside it she bought it from somewhere else. Saurabh and Ronita leave for the friend’s wedding leaving Misti in the care of Alena. Bijoy asks what he did about the gift. Saurabh says he bought whatever he could afford. Bijoy hands him some money and tells him to buy a proper gift for his friend. Saurabh thanks him and leaves. PG tells Bijoy that he fights sometimes but he is nice. Bijoy says he will understand only when he becomes a father.

Ishwari offers homemade biscuits to Sanjana. Sanjana says she loves homemade food. Ishwari asks about her mother to which Sanjana replies she is no more. She tells Sanjana to not worry as Dev treats his employee as a family so they are her family now. Shuv comes and throws a ball at Sanjana. Ishwari says small Dev has come. Sanjana catches the ball and asks Shuv if he will be his friend. Shuv says she has to play a game with her. He takes her to Dev’s room, Sanjana is mesmerized. He opens the wardrobe and tells her to remove the game from there. Sanjana takes it out, Sonakshi comes in asking what is happening. Sanjana apologises saying Shuv brought her here she didn’t know it was her room. Sonakshi says she is the one who should be apologising as she said awful things to him under the influence of drink. Sanjana says she told the truth as she should stop calling late at night to discuss work.

Ishwari comes and tells Sonakshi how Sanjana got the groceries. Sonakshi asks why would she get it. Sanjana replies Dev left his wallet in the office so she thought of buying it. Downstairs Shuv is about to fall when Sanjana saves him. Sonakshi thanks her, she says there is no need to say thanks as she and Shuv are friends now. Dev and Sonakshi later show Sanjana the way out. Sanjana thinks how coming into Dev’s house was a dream and she will be with him in all aspects of life. In the morning Sonkashi tells Dev to hurry up. Dev pulls her closer, she tells him to leave as Maa and the children are nearby. They rush to the kitchen as they smell something. Ishwari says she is making halwa for Sanjana as she brought the groceries even when she was injured.

Rena brings all the mails to Sanjana. She checks and sees there is no letter from the Merchant. She calls someone asking about it. Rena asks what is in the letter. Sanjana says it’s something important and is the reason why she came here. But life had other plans for her. Ishwari tells Dev to give the halwa to Sanjana as soon as she comes to the office. Sonakshi asks how does she know that Sanjana will like it. Ishwari says Sanjana said she likes homemade food. She says Sonakshi does know how to buy varth things as she never kept a varth. Sonakshi says she will learn it. Ishwari thinks Sonakshi is also learning to become a good daughter in law from the doctor.