The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Dev getting kachoris for a snack. Dev says he knows they like to eat kachoris in such weather. Sonakshi says but it will only be for today. Dev assures her that from tomorrow they will eat her oats. The doorbell rings, Ishwari opens the door and sees Neha. Sonakshi asks why she didn’t inform them as they would have come to pick her up. Neha tells her to not be so formal as she has come to her own house. Dev tells Neha to come inside saying she came at the right time as he has got kachoris. Dev tells Sonakshi to hurry as if they go to the office early they can come home early and spend time with Neha. Neha asks if they are going to go. Dev visits Bijoy. Bijoy asks where Sonakshi is and if everything is alright. Dev questions can’t he come alone to meet him. Dev says Sonakshi mentioned he needed help in making online transactions so is here to help him.

Dev teaches Bijoy to make an id and use biometric. The PG enters while hiding his face. Bijoy and Dev ask why he is hiding his face. Bijoy is shocked to see injuries on his face. The PG says he had a boxing match. However Dev says he knows how injuries from street fights look like, so tells him to reveal the truth. Sonakshi on the phone tells Jitin she won’t be coming to the office. Ishwari holding her bag tells her to go. Sonakshi says Ishwari is tensed with Neha’s arrival so will spend time with both of them. Ishwari says she knows she has important work in the office so should go. PG asks Dev and Bijoy if they don’t consider him Indian because of his appearance. Dev says that it’s wrong. Bijoy asks Dev what they can do about this. Dev says he will talk to the commissioner.

Dev passes by Sanjana in the office she stops and greets him. She says she has something to tell him. Dev says he knows. Sanjana is shocked as she was wondering if he heard her voice on the radio. He says he knows that her designs were approved so she can come to his office to discuss them. Sanjana later tries to reveal her feelings to Dev but is unable to do so. Ishwari asks Neha what she has done to her hair and offers to oil it. Neha says she finally realised her daughter needs a massage too. Ishwari says all her children are equal to her.
Dev and Sonakshi are talking on the phone when she tells her that Bijoy was really happy after learning how to do online transactions.
Dev asks if he told her who taught him, Sonakshi says no.

Dev asks when will her father appreciate him, Sonakshi asks when will his mother appreciate her. Sonakshi tells Dev they should leave early as Maa was tensed after Neha came. Sonakshi is packing her stuff when she gets an urgent call for a consultation. She asks the patient to be sent in. Sanjana enters saying she gets lots of stomach cramps. Which she feels is because of her diet as she eats a lot of dairy food. Sonakshi tells her to give her email as she is in a hurry today. While doing it Sanjana drops the key chain with the Gyspsy name, she gets worried about Sonakshi seeing it.