The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Sonakshi saying the name Gypsy girl was used by the girl on the radio. Sanjana picks the keychain quickly and thanks Sonakshi for her time. She thinks she will get close to Sonakshi to get closer to Dev. Dev and Sonakshi return home. Dev sees Ishwari sad and asks what’s the matter. Sonakshi says even though she has noticed that Maa is sad today, she asks if something happened. Neha tells them to stop the drama. She says they both live with Maa so should know what she is going through. Maa cares a lot about her son so he should do that too. Ishwari tells her to stop. Neha asks Dev how can he forget that today is Maa and Papa’s wedding anniversary. Maa misses Papa a lot on this day. Dev apologises to Isnwari saying he was so busy that he forgot. Ishwari while crying says it’s okay. Sonakshi apologises too saying she knows how important this day is to her. Sanjana thinks this is the day she was waiting for after coming to Mumbai. She takes out a picture of Rohit Verma and reads out his entire biodata. She says she has found the person who would help her reach her destination.

Dev gets flowers for Ishwari. Ishwari says how a certain scent reminds them of past days as his father would get her the same flowers on their anniversary. Ishwari shows the watch that Neha had given her. Dev says he remembers Papa wearing it. He tells Ishwari that she is a strong woman. She tells Dev that even he has worked hard to get to the place that he is in. Sanjana gets a call from a merchant, she informs them that she received the photo and asks when she could meet Mr Rohit. The Merchant says Mr Rohit died three months ago in a car accident. Sanjana is shocked and wonders how she will get to her destination now. Neha comes and sits on the chair when Shuv stops her saying his Mumma sits there. Sonakshi tells her to come and sit with her. Neha goes fuming saying she is not a part of this family anymore. Dev tells Sonakshi and Ishwari that she will take care of it.

Dev goes to talk to Neha. He gives her a sweet, she eats it. Dev asks if everything is fine in her house. Neha refuses to say anything. Ishwari says if something is wrong at her house she should tell them. Neha tells that last night the fuse had gone out which had been fixed and now everyone is fine. Dev asks why she did not mention anything about her husband. Neha says they are not a newly married couple and that she will constantly talk about him. She says he got busy at work so she thought of visiting her mother’s house. She asks if she should have not come. Radha and Baldev enter the room too. Dev takes Neha outside. Baldev says that Ishwari was right about Neha being tense for some reason.

Sonakshi and Alena both tell the PG that he just has to go and identify the culprits. There’s nothing for him to worry about as the commissioner has already arrested all the bullies and just has to identify them. Sanjana enters the office, Sukhi and Mona ask why she looks tense. Sanjana refuses to answer. Sukhi says he has never seen her so tense. Sanjana looking at Rohit’s picture thinks she needs to meet Dev to reveal the secret to him as soon as possible.