The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Sanjana kneeling and telling Dev that she loves him. Dev is shocked, Sonakshi comes there and gets tensed seeing them both like this. She looks at them with suspicion and asks what is going on. Dev who is still confused looks at Sonakshi. He remembers about the dare and tells Sanjana that she enacted it so well that he couldn’t tell if it was real or act. Sonakshi is relieved thinking it was all just a misunderstanding. Dev offers to drop Sanjana but she says she will manage. Dev while brushing asks questions to Sonakshi. She tells him to finish his brushing and then asks her questions as she can’t handle four kids. Dev comes and sits on the bed, Sonakshi asks him if he didn’t find Sanjana’s behaviour weird today. Sanjana at her house thinks Dev turned her feelings into a laughing stock. She put her heart in front of him but because Sonakshi came in between he had to change the topic. She thinks Dev must have understood that she was serious.

Dev tells Sonakshi that he finds Sanjana weird sometimes, or else who will talk like this to their boss. He says she doesn’t have any family so goes the extra mile to impress everyone. Sonakshi says she knows what one goes through after a heartbreak. She is glad he is with her. Sonakshi tells Dev to text Sanjana if she has reached it as it was late when she left. Rena tells Sanjana that Dev loves his wife. Sanjana says Dev must be thinking about her. She gets excited after getting the text from Dev. Soha comes into Dev and Sonakshi’s room asking to sleep with them. Dev asks what scared her as she is really strong. Sonakshi says she is scared because of Neha. Soha says Neha bau told her that Aayush is a good son they will love him more than her.

Dev tells Soha that she is his princess and will always love her. Both Dev and Sonakshi assure Soha that they will love her. Dev angrily goes to talk to Neha. Ishwari asks him what’s wrong. Dev says she should ask Neha as she is telling Soha that they prefer boys over girls in this house. Neha says she said what she saw in her childhood as Ishwari always took Dev’s side. Dev tells Neha to not fill his daughter’s mind with her imaginative thoughts. Neha asks if Soha is not her niece, Ishwari tells Dev to leave as they won’t be able to explain it to Neha now. Dev tells Sonakshi that he talked with Neha. He explains how initially when they brought Aayush home Soha started feeling insecure but they have managed, but now this. Sonakshi says they will manage it now as well.

Dev asks Ishwari if Neha is still sleeping. He says she is his sister and he cares for her but what she did was wrong. It had an adverse effect on Soha. Ishwari agrees that what Neha did was wrong. But she says she wants Neha to feel relaxed whenever she comes here, as this is the only place she has apart from her Sasural. Ishwari says even when she is no more she wants Dev and Sonakshi to make Neha feel comfortable in this house. Dev reaches the office he sees flowers arranged and picks a letter to read. Sanjana enters reciting something. She explains it was difficult for her to reach this position, but she eventually managed to gather the courage to say this.