The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Dev telling Sanjana that whatever she is saying is impossible. Sanjana says it’s decided by destiny. She narrates how her sister Menal Arora fell in love twelve years ago and married her boyfriend Rohit Verma. She ran away from their house so her father broke ties with her. She returned after she got pregnant thinking her father might forgive her. But her father and Rohit argued a lot so after the delivery, her sister left Kolkata and went back to her in-laws. Sanjana says she didn’t know what happened in between those years as her father had warned to not contact Menal. She says later her mother and father died. After coming here she realise Rohit died in a car accident as well. She tells Dev that they can’t control this and she is the real aunt of Soha. Dev tells her to stop as she first expressed her feeling and now is dragging his daughter by making all these stories. Sanjana says when she first met him she didn’t know her connection with Soha but this is all because of serendipity. Dev tells her to leave, Sanjana says she will leave but comes back with proof.

Baldev is playing a game with the kids. Dev comes in, Soha sees him and goes to hug him. She trips and is about to fall when Dev catches and hugs her. He asks if she is fine. Dev says he will never let anything happen to her. Sonakshi says the food is ready, they all go. Sonakshi comes towards Dev and asks what’s wrong as she can sense something. He tells her that they have to be strong in every situation, which worries her. Ranveer enters and the whole family greet him. Dev asks him to join them for food. Sonakshi sees Sanjana’s transfer letter and wonders why Dev is transferring her when she mentioned Sanjana and Jitin’s proposal. At the dinner table Ishwari makes Ranveer sit, she calls Neha but she goes and sits on the other side of the table. Ishwari serves a lot of food for Ranveer.

Ranveer asks Sonakshi if so much food is healthy. Sonakshi says overeating is bad but once in a while, it’s fine. He praises Sonakshi for supporting Dev and looking after the family. He says nowadays no one wants to stay in a joint family but Sonakshi always kept the family together. He tells Ishwari she is lucky to have a daughter in law like Sonakshi. Ishwari, sensing the tension between Neha and Ranveer asks if anything is wrong between them. She tells him to share the problem as they are all family. Dev insists as well, Ranveer informs how Neha has to take care of his mother which became exhausting for her so she wants them to shift to a new place. He says he wants to keep Neha happy but currently can’t afford a new place and a caretaker for his mother. So Neha left the house in anger and came here. Neha argues that he must feel good after insulting her in front of her family. He says he didn’t mean to do that. She says only she will be judged, not him. Neha leaves fuming and locks herself in a room. Dev follows by asking her to listen to him.

Sanjana comes home and trashes everything thinking that Dev called her a liar. Rena comes home and looks at the condition of the house and questions Sanjana. Sanjana says she told Dev how she is aunt of Soha but he thought since he is not reciprocating the feeling, she is making up stories. She says how Dev called her a liar. Her father threw everything that belonged to her sister after she ran away. They were not even allowed to take her name. It’s so unfair as she now has no family members left and the only one she has is Soha. Despite understanding all this Dev is accusing her of lying. Rena tells her to calm down and makes her sit. She asks if she has a solid proof to prove all this, if not then how can she expect Dev to believe her. Sajana thanks Rena saying she knows what to do now.