The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Ranveer apologising to everyone for disturbing them. Dev says he did the right thing by sharing with them or else they would have never known what Neha is going through. Ranveer gives Dev the chocolate he brought for Neha and leaves. Baldev and Radha leave telling Ishwari to not worry about Neha. Dev and Sonakshi talk with Neha. She says she will be scolded by two professors now. Dev makes Neha sit. Sonakshi tells her she knows she must have felt bad when Ranveer was comparing her but he didn’t have any bad intentions. She could only work without worrying about the kids and house because of support from Dev and Maa. Dev tells Neha he knows how much she has sacrificed for them in childhood so she should come here thinking of this house as her and relax without feeling uncomfortable. Neha gets emotional and hugs Dev. She then hugs Sonakshi. Ishwari watching it thinks about how Ranveer said Sonakshi tries to keep the family together.

Sanjana visits Mr Verma saying she needs their help. Dev thinks he should inform Sonakshi about the problem to Sonakshi so he calls her asking where she is. Sonakshi says she had to meet with an important client so left early. She says she will come back soon. Dev calls Mr Verma and tells him that he wants to discuss something important with him. Mr Verma is not able to hear him properly so tells him he will call him later as a guest has come to their house. Mr Verma questions Sanjana about what she is looking for. Sonakshi comes back after a hectic day and sees the preparation made by Dev. She asks if there’s anything special today. Dev says he wanted to tell her something. He tells her how they both can handle anything. Sonakshi asks why his heart is beating so fast.

Dev tells her how Sanjana expressed her feelings for him. Sonakshi asks if that wasn’t her acting. Dev says he thought it was her acting but she did the same thing the next day. Sonakshi gets furious saying she welcomed Sanjana into their house and tried to befriend her but she had such bad intentions. She asks Dev if this was the reason he wanted to transfer Sanjana. Dev says he thought it would be the right thing to do but couldn’t do it after he found out the truth. Sonakshi asks what is the truth. Dev informs how Sanjana is Soha’s real aunt. Sonakshi gets shocked and breaks a glass. She insists that Soha is their daughter and will stay with them. Dev tells her to calm down

Dev mentions how Sanjana might ask for Soha’s custody. Sonakshi says Soha is their daughter and she won’t let her go anywhere. Dev hugs Sonakshi explaining that they will get through this together. Sonakshi asks what if Sanjana takes Soha away from them. Dev says he won’t let that happen. Sonakshi tells Dev he should talk with Mr and Mrs Verma. Sanjana thanks Mr and Mrs Verma for their help. She thinks Dev didn’t trust her but the problem will be solved now. In the morning Radha and Baldev are discussing what Ishwari is making. Ishwari comes out, Dev tells why she does all this and exhausts herself. Ishwwari says she is happiest in the kitchen. She mentions she has made the food for someone special. Radha asks who is so special. She turns towards Dev then pushing him goes to Neha and walking past her goes to Sonakshi. Dev smiles seeing Ishwari trusting Sonakshi.