The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Ishwari bringing the plate saying it’s for Sonakshi. Sonakshi is surprised and asks if she can see what it is. She lifts the plate and sees a Mediterranean dish. Sonakshi asks how did she make it. Ishwari says she had taught her how to use the phone, which she made with the help of videos. Sonakshi tastes it and says it’s really nice. Dev asks what’s the occasion. Ishwari says she wanted to thank Sonakshi so did all this. Sonakshi asks why she wanted to thank her as she is the one who took the effort in making the dish. Ishwari tells Sonakshi she has taken a lot of effort but no one realizes it. When Ranveer was praising her she realised that each thing he said about her is the truth. Sonakshi could have easily left with Dev but she worked on keeping the family together. Ishwari hugs Sonakshi and asks if she likes the dish. She says she has one more surprise and their work call should wait until then. Dev starts getting calls from Sanjana, he keeps rejecting the calls.

On the other hand, Sanjana is frustrated that Dev is not answering her calls. She prays that he answers her call once as she has got the proof. She texts him to meet with her as she wants to talk about something important. The entire family is waiting, Ishwari comes with a box. Baldev says today the truth about the box will be out. Sonakshi asks what is in the box. Neha says the box is very important to Ishwari and she doesn’t let anyone touch it. Ishwari opens the box and says it consists of the Dixit family’s pride. She shows the bangles and says Dev’s dadi had given it to her and now she wants to give it to Sonakshi. She says elders give it to their daughter in law as a sign of trust. But she delayed giving it to her. Sonakshi tells Ishwari she has no idea how much this means to her and she doesn’t know how to thank her. As they are talking Mr Verma comes and says he wants to talk to Dev about something.

Mr Verma tells Dev and Sonakshi that Sanjana visited him last night. She said that she is Meenal’s younger sister. They didn’t believe it at first but when he checked Meenal’s album he found old pictures of her with Sanjana. He shows the pictures to Dev and Sonakshi. Mr Verma says Sanjana is Soha’s aunt. Ishwari and Neha come and hear it. Ishwari panics and asks Dev what is all this. Dev makes her sit, Sonakshi shows her the picture and says Sanjana is Soha’s aunt. Ishwari asks if they were told Soha has no one in the family except her grandparents how did this happen. She tells Dev to remove Sanjana from his office and keep her away from Soha. Neha stops her saying it’s wrong as they are only thinking about themselves and not Soha and it is wrong to keep blood relations away. Soha deserves to know her real family. Soha can get their love as well as love from her aunt. She says if Sanjana went the legal way she can have Sohana’s custody.

Ishwari tells Sonakshi that Soha is her daughter and asks her to promise that she won’t let Soha go away from her. Dev calms her down and says he will sort it out but till then no one will tell Soha anything. Soha comes there asking what they are hiding from her. Neha tells her there’s a secret, Ishwari tells her to not say it. Neha says they are planning a surprise for her and will tell her soon. Neha takes Soha away from there. Sanjana texts Dev the picture and says this is the proof that he wanted. She receives a text from Dev asking her to come to meet at his office at five pm. Sanjana mentions that the words of the heart should be expressed. she shows the text to Rena and says how can someone not express the feelings of their heart.

Sanjana dresses up and with a bouquet of roses goes to meet Dev. She enters the office and says they are meeting after so many calls. he has no idea know how much she longed for this meeting. The chair turns and Sanjana is shocked to see Sonakshi. She says Dev sir called her. Sonakshi says she was the one who called her here and not Dev. Sonakshi asks if she thinks the bond between husband and wife is not strong. Sonakshi says it is very strong and they don’t keep and secret between them. Sanjana says everything she told Dev was true about her feelings as well as about Soha. Sonakshi looks at Sanjana with frustration.