The episode commences with the lawyer who tells the family members that it’s preferable if they handle this situation with Sanjana outside of law so if it goes to court, Sanjana has a good chance of getting Suhana’s possession. Sonakshi, according to Ishwari, has been caring for Suhana since she was born. Sanjana has Neha’s backing. Sanjana would be able to meet Suhana because Dev permitted her to work at his office, according to the lawyer. Sanjana went to the tarot card, and she overheard her saying that there impedes her and his love, implying that she was referring to her. Sonakshi claims that for the time being, all she cares about is Suhana. In the office, a girl named Paridhi came in and accused Dev’s firm of stealing her designs. Sanjana hears the commotion and emerges.

When she sees Paridhi, she is taken aback. She recalls how she replaced Paridhi’s name on her documents with her own to gain access to Dev’s office. After then, it was revealed that Sanjana is a computer expert, which explains why she was able to quickly breach Dev’s system. Sanjana manages to persuade Paridhi to leave the office. Sanjana exhales deeply, relieved. Dev returns home with Sanjana, and Shubh is overjoyed to see her. When Sanjana discovers Shubh is bothering her, she feeds him. Ishwari Ishwari becomes concerned and asks Sonakshi whether she is aware that she is about to arrive. Sonakshi gives Suhana the dollhouse and asks her to give it to her on her own. Suhana approaches Sanjana, who is moved by her presence. When Suhana is poised, to tell the truth, everyone is terrified, but she keeps her cool. Sanjana engages the children in a treasure hunt. Sanjana later installs spy cameras in their room so she can monitor their activities. She says she’ll begin their plan right now, and she says Bijoy will be his first target.