The episode starts with Dev and Sonakshi sleeping in the hospital meanwhile Dev gets a call from Ricky. Dev leaves the hospital in a hurry without telling Sonakshi what happened. Some people come to investigate at Dev’s office as they find out about the illegal activities taking place in his office. Dev assures them that he is very loyal to Asha Foundation and he would never carry such kinds of activities in his office.

Later on, Dev finds out that someone from his company gave him the fake news. Sanjana is the one behind it. Sanjana sees blood on Dev’s hand and she freaks out. fav gets a call from Sonakshi and doesn’t answer the call. Vicky is stressed about the situation around. Dev comforts him. At the hospital, Sonakshi cries as Bejoy is not keeping well. Dev’s mom tells Bejoy that today is the day Dev promised Sonakshi of getting married and that she is a very nice and strong girl. Mr Mehta appears at Dev’s office and asks Dev to file a report against the investigation.

Dev asks everyone to stay in the office. Sonakshi calls Dev and asks about the problem to which he replies that the issue is solved. Sonakshi sees that Dev has got hurt and she asks him to take care of himself. Dev thanks Sonakshi for everything whereas after seeing them Sanjana gets angry. Later on, Dev finds out that someone is trying to put him and his company down. The issue of Dev’s project comes on the news and Dev’s family members worry about Dev and Vicky. Sonakshi comes home and consoles everyone. Vicky’s mom gets stressed as Vicky is not granted bail. Dev apologised to Sonakshi. Sonakshi tells him that she trusts him and that everything will get better. Sanjana calls Dev and tells him that if they find the file of Noc’s they will be able to prove that there are no illegal activities carried out in their office. Dev calls Sanjana a lifesaver.