The episode starts with Sanjana telling Reena that she knows about her finding out the truth. Sanjana tells Reena that she had no option but to do this. Sanjana apologises to Reena And tells her that her intentions with Dev are pure but her actions differ. Reena tells Sanjana that she will tell everything to Dev And will Not let her spoil Dev’s life. An employee from Dev’s office listens to Sanjana And Reena talking And tells dev about it.
Dev asks Reena about the truth to which she lied to Dev And changes the topic. Sanjana apologises to Reena And asks for a second chance for the sake of their friendship. Reena warns Sanjana And gives her a second chance to prove herself right And make things better. At Dev’s house, everyone is busy preparing for the Navratri celebration. Sonakshi prays to God to save her dad from the illnesses while on the other hand, everyone prays for Vicky to return home.
Dev And Priya attend a meeting for Vicky’s bail. Dev And Sonakshi arrive home And tell everyone that Vicky will be home soon. Dev, Sonakshi And their children take a selfie. By the end of the pooja, Sonakshi gets a call that Vicky has been granted bail. Vicky arrives at home And everyone is Happy seeing Vicky. Everyone finds out that Sanjana is the One who bailed Vicky. Sonakshi is shocked. Sanjana tells everyone that she found the NOC file in Sukhi ji’s bag. Everyone thanks Sanjana.