The Episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Chachi telling everyone to let Sanjana stay in their house as she saved Vicky. Ishwari refuses. Dev tells Chachi that he will do a booking in the hotel for Sanjana to which Sanjana refuses And tells that she would not want to stay in a hotel alone and will not be able to afford the charges. Sanjana tells Chachi that she will manage. Chachi tells Sanjana that you are the same as her. She tells Sanjana that even her family members don’t respect her. Ishwari feels bad for Chachi and lets Sanjana stay at her place. Sanjana is happy and gives a weird look to Sonakshi. 

        Sonakshi is not so happy with Ishwari’s Decision And tells Dev that Sanjana’s intentions with him are good and that Ishwari is unaware of it. Dev tells Sonakshi that he would not let Sanjana do anything to him And that he only loves Sonakshi. Ishwari calls Dev for helping Sanjana with her luggage. 

         In the morning Sonakshi prepares Tea for Ishwari. Sonakshi wakes her children up and asks them to kiss her. Sonakshi goes back to the kitchen And sees that Sanjana is preparing something for everyone. Sonakshi stops her And asks her to leave the kitchen. Later on, Sonakshi tells Dev that she got An appointment with Dr Rangoli for her dad And that she will have to leave for the appointment today. Sanjana is jealous of seeing Dev And Sonakshi together. After a while, Sanjana goes in a search of the house And tells Dev that she is in danger. Dev leaves his house to save Sanjana. Dev finds Sanjana. Sanjana tells him that someone tried to hurt her. Dev gives Sanjana his jacket.