The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Dev and Sanjana driving toward home. Dev gets a call from Ishwari asking about Sanjana to which he replies that she is doing okay and that they will take time to reach home as the road towards their house is under construction. Sanjana asks Dev for water. Dev stops the car at a small shop and goes to get water. while Dev is busy buying water Sanjana adds some powder to the petrol tank.
Sonakshi is in the office thinking about Dev and calls him. Dev picks the call but as there is no network the call gets cut. Dev asks Sanjana for her phone to which she replies that her battery is dead. Dev and Sanjana drive back and Sanjana adds some powder in the water bottle. After a while, Dev’s car gets stuck and they come out of the car in search of help. Sanjana offers Dev water to Dev but he refuses to say she needs it. Sanjana is unable to walk and Dev and Sanjana decide to sit for a while. Sanjana tells Dev that she knows that he is mad at her because of her One mistake and has Not forgiven her. Dev replies to Sanjana saying that he has forgiven her. Sanjana offers Dev to drink water. Dev drinks water and feels a little dizzy.

Dev tells Sanjana that he loves Sonakshi so much that he can’t live without her. Sanjana asks Dev whether she would have been in his life in the first place before Sonakshi would have reconsidered her proposal to which Dev replies no. After a while, Dev sleeps and Sanjana sleeps on him. In the morning Dev wakes up and sees Sanjana beside him and freaks out. Sanjana tells him that something happened between them. Dev is tense thinking about what happened because he doesn’t remember anything. Dev and Sanjana reach home and Sanjana tells Ishwari that they spent the night at her friend’s place.