The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Dev in his room feeling guilty about last night and thinking about Sonakshi by looking at her Picture. Dev reads Sonakshi’s voicemail saying that she has been trying to call him for so long and that she misses him and wants to see him ASAP. Dev and Sanjana are having their lunch and Dev tells Sanjana that he will tell the truth to Sonakshi about whatever happened Yesterday and that he thinks that there was something mixed in the water. Sonakshi arrives home and Dev is Happy to see Sonakshi. Sonakshi tells Dev that she missed him and that Dr Gangoli has agreed to attend Sonakshi’s dad.
Dev takes Sonakshi to his room. Sonakshi asks Dev about the ring and Sanjana gives it to her. Sonakshi asks Dev about how she has the ring to which Sanjana replies that Dev gave it to her last night as her car got broken Dev was fixing it. Dev is about to tell Sonakshi the truth but by the time Sanjana arrives and lies to her that they stayed at her friend’s place last night. Dev goes to Sanjana’s room and asks her why she lied to Sonakshi to which she replies that she was struggling to protect him and Sonakshi’s relation.
After a while, Sonakshi tells Neha that she has a lot of potentials and that she can do anything that she wants to. Sonakshi tells Neha that it is very important for a person to be financially independent, especially women. Sonakshi suggests Neha to Star making dishes and uploading them on social media. Later on, Sanjana influences Sonakshi’s children to watch a movie and do their homework. Shubh finds out a laptop in Sanjana’s room and gives it to Sonakshi and tell her that she can be seen through the laptop.