The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Dev and Sonakshi distributing gifts in Dev’s office. Dev asks Neha to give Sanjana her gift . Sanjana tells Dev that she belongs to his family and she won’t take the gift. Sonakshi tells Sanjana that she is an employee and she will have to take the gift. Sanjana becomes very upset as Dev treats her like an employee knowing that she belongs to her family. Sanjana talks to herself and says that she will do something dangerous this Diwali and Sonakshi will have to face the consequences.

On the day of Diwali everyone is Happy and Dev and Sonakshi are getting ready in their room. Dev compliments Sonakshi as she is looking absolutely stunning. Everyone gets down to celebrate Diwali. Sanjana gives firecrackers to Sonakshi’s children. Sonakshi stops Sanjana by taunting that she has taught her children to celebrate Diwali with eco-friendly crackers and not the one which causes pollution and noise.

While everyone is busy burning crackers Sonakshi misses her dad. Shub calls everyone and tells them that Sanjan and Dev are on T.V. Sonakshi is shocked seeing Dev And Sanjana together. Dev tries to explain what happened that night but Sonakshi stops him And makes a decision to leave the house. Ishwari stops Sonakshi And tells her that it’s Not her mistake And that Dev is responsible for everything so he will leave the house. Sanjana is Happy seeing the Dixit family falling apart.