The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Sonakshi putting her children to bed. Soha requests to sleep with Sonakshi and Dev to which Sonakshi replies that she has some office work to complete once after putting them to sleep. Soha agrees and everyone goes to bed. Meanwhile outside the house Sanjana tells Dev that her friend Reena has an apartment free as she is out of town so they can spend their night there. Dev disagrees with Sanjana by saying that he will stay in his office.

Sanjana reaches the apartment and calls Reena and thak her . Sanjana then has a dream about her and Dev together. At the Dixit house Ishwari is worried and Sonakshi calms her. In the morning Sanjana comes to the office in search of Dev and she doesn’t find anyone in the office. Sanjana then finds an address of a hotel. Sonakshi heads to the hotel where Dev is staying. Dev Higgs Sonakshi and tells her that he missed him. Dev and Sonakshi tell each other that they did a good thing by telling the truth. Dev tells Sonakshi that he did the right thing by telling her what happened between him and Sanjana the other night and also thanks her for trusting in him. Ishwari is aware about Sanjana’s truth as Dev and Sonakshi made a plan to let know the truth.