The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Sanjana pressing the doorbell of Dev’s room . Dev opens the door and is shocked to see Sanjana. Sonakshi hides herself in the bathroom. Dev asks Sanjana about how she managed to find out Dev’s address to which Sanjana replies that she came to the office in search of him and found a diary . She scribbled the page and found out his address. Dev is shocked to know that Sanjana is so smart. Dev tells Sanjana that he wants to have breakfast with her and asks her to get his car from the parking lot.

Dev and Sanjana reach the office and the office staff starts taunting Sanjana and asks her to resign from her job. Neha arrives at the office and stops everyone by scolding Sanjana. Sanjana thanks Neha . Neha gives a resignation letter to Sanjana and asks her to sign it. Sanjana tells Naha that it wasn’t her mistake and that nothing happened between her and Dev . Sanjana tells Neha that she stood by her when she needed someone the most. Neha gets emotional and cancels Sanjana’s resignation. Sonakshi gets shub to the hospital to meet his grandfather. Dada tells Sonakshi that her father was seeing an album before he collapsed. Sonakshi finds out that a photo from the album is missing which was his favourite photo. Sonakshi’s father holds Shub’s hand . Sonakshi becomes happy after seeing her father’s moment.

Dev texts Sonakshi about his plan and Sonakshi wishes him luck. Dev goes to Sanjana’s house. Sanjana becomes happy once after seeing Dev and greets him in .Dev tells Sanjana that he will want her to stay at home and work as he doesn’t want her to come to the office. Sanjana panics and tells Dev that she will do anything to come to the office , even making a video saying that nothing happened the other night between them. Sanjan makes a video saying that Dev is not the one to blame and nothing happened between her and Dev the other night. Sanjana records the video and sends it to Dev. Dev becomes happy.