Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi written update S03 Ep85 5th November 2021 we can see that Sanjana resigns from her job and tries to take Suhana's custody.

The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Starts with Sonakshi giving a shoulder massage to Dev. Dev thanks Sonakshi and tells her that it was a hectic day and that he needed this massage for so long. After a while, Dev tells Ishwari and Sonakshi that they will have to tell Suhana the truth. Ishwari and Sonakshi decide not to as Suhana is young and that she will not be able to handle the truth.

On the other hand, Sanjana is at her sister’s house to tell her mother in law and father in law that Suhana is their family and not Sonakshi’s and that they should fight with the Dixit’s to get Suhana’s custody. Sonakshi Dev Vick and Neha are at Dev’s office waiting for Sanjana to come into Dev’s cabin. Sanjana enters Dev’s cabin and gives her resignation letter. Sonakshi tells her that they have found out about her fake certificates just like her. Sanjana tells them that their HR should have researched before hiring her. Sanjana tells Sonakshi that she will not let them take her out of the office so she is resigning herself. Sanjana tells Sonakshi that a big surprise is waiting for her when she reaches home. Sonakshi gets worried about Sanjana’s words.

Suhana’s Grandfather and Grandmother arrive at Dixit house and ask Ishwari to give them custody of Suhana. Ishwari panics and asks them to calm down and tell them that Sonakshi and Dev are Suhana’s real parents and that she won’t let them take Suhana. Sonakshi and Dev arrive at home and Suhana questions Sonakshi about her real parents and then Suhana locks herself in her bedroom. Everyone is worried about Suhana.

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