The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Starts with Verma telling Ishwari that they are the grandparents of Suhana and that after their son’s death Suhana is the only family they are left with. Ishwari stops them by saying that Suhana is her only granddaughter and that for the last 10yrs she has been loved by her whole family so she would not let them take her away. Aayush tells the Verma’s that Suhana is happy with them and that she doesn’t want to come with them. Aayush tells the Verma’s that Sonakshi and Dev treat Suhana like a princess and that he will take care of them and will keep meeting them. After listening to Aayush the Verma get emotional and Sanjana tells Sonakshi that she will give the night to think about her decision and will ask her to give them to Suhana the other morning or else they will take legal actions against her. At night Neha tries to convince Suhana but she doesn’t listen to her. Aayush makes Suhana understand that real parents are those who love you and take care of you and not those who try to Steal anything. Aayush shows Suhana the picture she made of her family and tells her that Sonakshi and Dev love her more than anyone. Sonakshi tells Dev that Sanjana has given her an option to choose between Suhana and him. Dev loses his temper after listening to Sonakshi.

In the morning Dev and Sonakshi visit the Verma’s and try to convince them as they had sent a legal notice to them. Verma doesn’t listen to Sonakshi and Dev as Sanjana had already warned them. In the court, Sanjana tells her lawyer to say that Dev and Sonakshi weren’t together for the last 7years and that Aayush got irritated by them fighting and left his house. Sanjana makes the judge believe that Sonakshi and Dev are not good parents to Suhana.