The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Dev telling the judge that there were misunderstandings in their marriage but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t good parents. Dev tells Sanjana that every couple has some issues that don’t mean that they can’t take good care of their children. Sonakshi tells the judge that Suhana is happy with their family and that she never told anyone that Dev and she are the perfect couples, there are complications and they are improvising. Sonakshi’s lawyer calls upon Parth to state to Sanjana that she is mentally unstable and that she can’t take good care of Suhana. Parth comes into the court and tells the judge that Sanjana is his ex and that she was being very overprotective about him. Parth tells the judge that Sanjana even tried to kill him. Sanjana asks the judge to see the messages Parth sent to her that were death threats. The judge asks Parth to leave and doesn’t consider his statement. The judge tells everyone that he will give his decision on Monday as today is Friday. While leaving Sanjana asks Sonakshi to reconsider her deal about giving up d v for Suhana. The other day Suhana gets a bad dream about Sanjana trying to take her away from her family. Suhana gets scared and Dev and Sonakshi console her.

The doorbell rings and Dev gets a wedding card of his and Sanjana’s name on it. After seeing the card Dev loses his temper and heads towards Sanjana’s house. Dev reaches Sanjana’s house and Sanjana shows him all the preparation she has been doing for their marriage. Dev gets irritated and leaves her house. Ishwari arrives at Sanjana’s house to make her understand that Suhana is happy with them but Sanjana tells them that they can have Suhana but in exchange, they will have to ask Sonakshi to divorce Dev. At Dev’s house, his lawyer tells him that he should have not visited Sanjana’s house as she can use it as evidence against them. Vicky tells Dev and Sonakshi that they should start digging into Sanjana’s life a little more so that they can find evidence against her.