The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Starts with Dev, Sonakshi, Vicky and Neha sitting in Dev’s cabin. Dev removes a bunch of files and tells everyone that these are the bunch of files that Sanjana was handling. Everyone starts checking the files but nobody finds anything. In frustration, Dev throws a file and through that file Sonakshi’s mom Asha’s photo comes out. Sonakshi tells Dev that this photo was with her baba. Sonakshi then recalls that a few days ago when Sanjana came to her house she was asking a lot about her mom to her dad and that she may have come back once after Sonakshi left the house.

Sonakshi then doubts that Sanjana may be the one who tried to kill her baba. Neha then tells Sonakshi that Sanjana called her the day her baba got admitted to confirm if he is alive or dead and also she visited the hospital the day her baba was getting better. Dev tells everyone that they will have to get footage of the hospital to confirm that Sanjana tried to kill Sonakshi’s baba. After a while at Dev’s house Ishwari prays to God that her family deserves happiness and that everything should get better. Meanwhile, Sonakshi gets a call from the hospital about her baba getting better. Sanjana gets a call from her lawyer. The lawyer tells Sanjana that Dev and Sonakshi have requested to postpone the hearing date as her father is getting better and that they want to spend some time with him. Sanjana gets conscious and runs to the hospital to kill Sonakshi’s baba. Dev and Sonakshi catch Sonakshi killing her baba. Sonakshi tells Sanjana that they planned to call her in the hospital and record her killing Sonakshi’s baba. Sanjana loses her temper and takes out a knife from her bag and holds it near Sonakshi’s neck. Sanjana asks Dev to tell her that he loves her.