The episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi starts with Sanjana begins the episode by questioning Reena over the phone whether she is certain that Parth’s letter was kept there and then searches for it. She inquires about it with the landlord, who claims that a girl paid them a visit while they were away. Sanjana presents the landlord Sonakshi’s photo, and the landlord recognizes her. Sanjana is enraged at Sona for entering her personal space. Shubh refuses to eat until he meets Dev, and Radha has a hard time persuading him. Suhana begins cribbing for Dev as well.

Ayush takes charge of the issue and persuades Suhana and Shubh to act properly. Sonakshi taunts Dev as he arrives in disguise at Sonakshi’s office. She claims she met with Parth and persuaded him to testify against Sanjana. She also claims that Sanjana is a software engineer rather than an interior designer. Dev is horrified by the information. Dev also informs her that he met with Sanjana and shows her the footage of their meeting. He claims that their strategy worked. Sanjana stands outside watching Dev and Sonakshi cuddle. She’s enraged and wants to ruin their happiness.
Ishwari turns on the lamp in the house temple, which is ready to go out, but Baldev rescues it. He chastises Ishwari for not sharing such a piece of crucial information with him. Ishwari claims there’s more to it and that she’ll take care of it. Suhana is being pampered by Ayush and Shubh when Sonakshi returns home. Sonakshi inquires as to how she persuaded them to do it, to which Suhana responds that it is Bhaidhooj today. Sonakshi is overjoyed. Mr and Mrs Verma, who are enraged by Sanjana, pay her a visit. Sanjana gains access by feigning pity. Neha is remorseful for unwittingly aiding Sanjana in her scheme. Ishwari warmly embraces Dev when he returns home. Dev taunts her about her acting while children swarm around him.

Sonakshi smiles as she observes them. Dev is overjoyed since he has been absolved of all allegations. Neha apologizes to Dev, but he tells her to forget about it. Everyone then celebrates Bhai Dooj. Vicky apologizes to Neha for going against him without understanding the essentials and trusting Sanjana’s comments. Vicky assures them that everything is great, and they reconcile. Vicky is the person Neha wants to train under. Sanjana uses Suhana to influence Mr. and Mrs. Verma into fighting for Suhana. They’re both caught in her web. Everyone apologizes to Neha for making them believe Sanjana. Dev claims that they were all duped in some manner, and he encourages her not to blame herself.