Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 15 April 2019 Written Update: In this episode, Sikander meets Kulfi and Kulfi opens her heart and expressed her hurt to him!

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 15th April 2019 Written Update Full Episode Kulfi and Sikander Finally  Meet

In the beginning of the episode Udit is seen supporting Kulfi and group, where in the pandit stands by his decision to eliminate. Usha is quick to apologise on their behalf and says that she has sang with her heart and soul. Sikander is then thinking about all the lies Mohendar said, while Mia asks to record Sikander’s reaction. Harsh says this tells us how pure was Benam’s performance, Amyra is seen crying while Harsh asks to score Benam, pandit scores zero, Usha scores them 10, Udit scores them 9. Pandit keeps cribbling about breaking rules, Udit and Usha try to convince him.

Kulfi walks off the stage, kids follow her, amyra follows them but crew stops her. Mahesh scolds kulfi for changing raga, Kulfi says it just came out when I saw, Mahesh fumes up and says she doesn’t deserve this contest and leaves,

Rocket and Zinda try to calm her but she runs away. Sikander following Kulfi and calls Mohendar. Mohendar says kulfi is with me after which Sikander asks for a video call, after which Mohendar apologizes and says that Kulfi is not with him and explains him the whole scenario.

Mohendar tells Sikander that he also learnt Kulfi was in remand home and ran away with 5 more kids. Sikander tells him that she is here, and tells about her participation, Sikander then sees Kulfi and walks up to her.

Though Kulfi doesn’t hug him, Sikander goes ahead and hugs her, after which Kulfi hugs him back and wipes his tears.

Sikander asks her how dide land up in a remand home and why she ran away in the first place. Kulfi says that she came to him because eshe needed him and that she told the friends that he will help but he was the one to turn her away.  She then thought of playing Holi with him but he denied. Mia was recording their conversation all this while. Kulfi gets very angry on Sikander and asks him to stop crying because she wants to hear no more. Amyra sees them talking and Sikander is about to follow Kulfi just when Amyra reaches to stop him, and says he brought the dirty girl here and that he always wanted his other daughter.

Amyra says that he broke her promise after which Sikander hugs hernd asks her to calm down. Amyra says he will leave her and go back to Kulfi.

Sikander asks her to relax and gets her water. He then proceeds to calm her down by saying that he won’t go anywhere, she is his real daughter and that she has to get onstage and sing now.

Amyra says that she would sing well anyway if Sikander is by her side and Bebe, on the other hand, is seen crying for kulfi.

Sikander is finally present when Amyra performs and he is in tears.

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