Kumkum Bhagya Written Update S-01 Ep-2222 20th September 2022: Mihika informs Prachi that one goon has a chemical powder that creates smoke and will harm everyone badly. Prachi tries to stop the goon from hurting everyone. Prachi inhales that smoke and falls down.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update S-01 Ep-2222 20th September 2022: Prachi inhales the smoke and becomes unconscious

Today’s Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Rahul announcing to everyone that Rhea tried to bribe him and to act as she says as Rhea wanted to become a savior in front of everyone. Rahul’s friends ask Rahul to stop wasting time and robbing these people. Rahul comments on Alia and Rhea. The thugs start taking jewelry from all the family members. Rahul starts with Alia. He asks for her necklace. The thugs take the jewelry of Alia and Rhea. A thug goes to Prachi and asks her for her ring. Prachi says she will not give them the ring and says this is the memory of her mother. The thug tries to take the ring from Prachi. Ranbir interferes and punches the thug in the face. Sid also gets into a scuffle with a thug. It creates confusion at that time.

Priya takes the gun at that time and fires a shot in the air. Everyone gets scared and leaves. Ranbir and Prachi run away from there. Sid and Rhea run away from there. Jai shoots Rhea but Sid pushes Rhea and saves her from the bullet. They both run away. Jai finds his bag and says to himself now he will show everyone what he is capable of as he got his bag. Sid talks to Rhea and says he should have left her there to die. Priya eavesdropped on their conversation. When Sid sees Prachi and Ranbir. Sid warns Ranbir saying to him to stay away from Rhea as she is the worst woman and she will do anything to get her way. Alia interrupts Sid and talks about Mihika.

Then in Kumkum Bhagya, Alia apologizes to Sid and tells him to continue what he has to say to Ranbir. Sid says there is nothing and says he only said everything in anger. Rhea also warns Sid indirectly that if he said something like this then she won’t talk and she will do what she has to do. Priya at that time comes and threatens them with the gun. Prachi has a cough. Priya asks Ranbir to take Prachi to drink water and bring her back. Priya warns Ranbir not to do anything funny and says if he does then her boyfriend might do something. Ranbir agrees. Mihika recalls what happened in the Kohli mansion and tells the thug that she has to call her phone and warn them what is happening there. The Goons get convinced after some time and allow her to call. Prachi and Ranbir talk about Priya and Rahul.

They both agree that both of them are good people but his friends are not. Prachi and Ranbir discuss how to handle them. Ranbir goes to bring water to Prachi. The Goon calls Mihika’s phone and puts it on speaker. Prachi takes the call. Mihika says to Prachi that there are some people trying to rob the house. Prachi says she knows. Mihika warns Prachi saying one of the thugs is a chemistry student and he brought two powders. If he mixes the powder with the other one it will create smoke and if anyone inhales the smoke the person will be unconscious and will be even worse. The Goon cuts the call. Prachi, hearing this, gets worried and goes to the thugs. But Ranbir stops her and asks where she is going. Prachi says to him what Mihika said to her.

Later in Kumkum Bhagya, Prachi says they have to stop the thugs. Ranbir asks if she thought of a way. Prachi says she didn’t. Ranbir asks her to drink some water. Prachi argues with him and drinks some water after some convincing. Ranbir and Prachi go to the thugs. The thugs bring all the guests who have run away. Jai also comes with Aryan and Daljeet saying they wanted to call the police and he stopped them. Jai points out he got his bag. Prachi comes and announces to everyone that in this bag there is a powder and if it is mixed with the other powder it will create smoke and if anyone inhales it they will be unconscious. The thugs praise Prachi that she should be a teacher in a satirical way. Prachi sees that Jai is mixing the powder and says to the guests to open the windows so that the smoke goes out.

Lastly in Kumkum Bhagya, Prachi tries to stop Jai. It creates a lot of confusion. Jai asks his friends not to breathe the smoke. Ranbir tries to take Prachi away from there. But in the confusion, they get separated. Prachi comes to a room and Ranbir comes behind her. Ranbir and Prachi lose consciousness. Shahana wakes up Aryan by sprinkling some water on him. Shahana says to Aryan to first tie these thugs and then wake them up. Shahana goes to get a rope. Aryan still feels dizzy because of inhaling the smoke. Ranbir recalls what Prachi said. Ranbir sees Prachi is unconscious and tries to wake her up.

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