Kumkum Bhagya Written Update S-01 Ep-2228 29th September 2022: Prachi acts like she is happy and she greets everyone with a smile. Ranbir becomes confused as to why Prachi is so happy as she is not willing to get engaged to Sid. Later, Ranbir asks Prachi what is happening but she ignores him and takes ISD along with her.

In today’s Kumkum Bhagya episode, Shahana informs Prachi that Ranbir is arriving. Prachi says that she can observe by Ranbir’s actions that she is special to him but she wants to see his reaction when she becomes someone else’s. Aryan questions Ranbir about his situation. Shahana tells Prachi that she is aware of how Ranbir feels about her. Prachi says that she knows everything but for her assurance, she wants to listen to from Ranbir’s mouth itself. Shahana appreciates Prachi and asks her if she is going to make love with Ranbir. Prachi says one never knows what will happen in the future. Prachi meets Wendy. Wendy claims that Prachi has changed. Prachi says she is feeling amazing today. Ranbir says that he is aware of the cause. Prachi states that she was depressed, but now she is confident that things will turn out well. Shahana says that sad Prachi turned savage. Ranbir claims that he helped Prachi in getting ready.

Then in Kumkum Bhagya, Prachi acknowledges him. She runs into Vikram. Vikram praised and blessed Prachi and her look. Shahana says that Ranbir might not be aware that Prachi is making him envious. Aryan asks Shahana what Prachi is doing. Shahana says exactly the same thing that Ranbir did to her. She asks him to think about it and leaves. Pallavi tells Prachi that she looks lovely. Prachi acknowledges her. Ranbir tells Pallavi that he helped her get ready. Pallavi claims that it has nothing to do with how she prepares and it is all about her shine. Ranbir wants them to praise him for helping her. Prachi tells him to stop and she leaves. Pallavi says that Prachi seemed content. Vikram adds that Prachi appears happy. Alia unlocks the window shutters. Goons enter the building. Alia gives them money and orders the thugs to keep Mihika’s hotel location a secret. Sid listens in on them.

Later in Kumkum Bhagya, Alia adds that if something goes wrong, she might call them at any time and tell them to be alert. They agree with her. Sid departs. Aryan informs Ranbir that everything is changing. Aryan shows Ranbir that Sid is headed towards Prachi. Sid separates Prachi so they can converse. Aryan makes an effort to make Ranbir jealous. Ranbir becomes irate. Dida queries Wendy about the viability of her plan. Wendy claims it is working. She approaches Rhea and secludes her. Wendy threatens Rhea by telling her that Dida is behind her life, and begs God to take Rhea’s life. Rhea becomes alarmed. She expresses gratitude for the information and quickly departs. Wendy informs Dida that their strategy is successful. Vikram urges them to tell what they are preparing.

Lastly in Kumkum Bhagya, Sid shares what he heard with Prachi and Shahana. Prachi tells him not to worry because nobody is aware of it. Aryan and Ranbir try to hear them out. Shahana shows Prachi the shadows of someone. She opens the door and catches Ranbir and Aryan. Ranbir queries what is going on in the enclosed space. Prachi invites Sid to accompany her and tells Shahana to inform Ranbir what is happening. Ranbir asks Prachi where she is going but Prachi ignores him. She challenges him to alter his behavior before leaving. Dida and Wendy claim they are inactive. Vikram asks them about their plan. Wendy claims that they are frightening Rhea in order for her to flee from Ranbir’s life so that he can be with Prachi. Pallavi’s choice, in Vikram’s opinion, cannot be wrong. Pallavi arrives and queries why Vikram was referred to as Jhooru ka Gulam. Vikram claims that they disagree with her choice. Alia tells Rhea that Dida and Wendy are allegedly attempting to frighten her in order to distract her.

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