Kumkum Bhagya written update S01 Ep2085 15th March 2022 we can see that Rhea get the goons and shiw them how the colour works. Sahana amd alishka get into an argument.

Kumkum Bhagya written update S01 Ep2085 15th March 2022: Rhea gets the goons

In today’s episode we can see that Malishka, according to Ranbir, reminds him of Rhea. She claims to have overheard them discussing kidnapping Lakshmi. She declares that she will not allow Lakshmi to be kidnapped. Guddu and Bablu, two of Balwinder’s buddies, are introduced.

She claims that his pals are cowards and that they will not back him up. Nobody should see him doing this, she says, because no one will notice him, but everyone will notice her if she goes to Prachi. Balwinder is asked if he will complete her work or not.

She promises that if he accomplishes her work, she will assist him. He reminds them that they are visitors at someone’s home and that they should not cause a disturbance.

Rishi is torturing himself and Lakshmi, and Ayush does not want Rishi to torment himself and Lakshmi. He tells her about Rishi, who is a complete moron for failing to recognise his love. He claims that Rishi and Lakshmi are in love, but Rishi believes he is in love with Malishka. He claims that love is complicated; it is simple to fall in love with someone, but maintaining that love is difficult.

He informs her that Ranbir adores her. Prachi requests that Lakshmi not tell anyone. She reveals that Balwinder adores Lakshmi, but that he has been duped in love, and that he will now assist them in their plot against Prachi. Balwinder assures Guddu that he will apply the chemical colours on Prachi regardless of whether or not it burns her face. She warns them that they would not be able to reach Prachi. Ranbir tries to communicate with Prachi. She reveals that Rhea is the one who wants her, not Ranbir. Prachi will need to be sent to the hospital, according to Aaliya.

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