In the episode of 02 Sept 2019 we see how Karan Protects Preeta from all the goons and Prithvi is locked up in jail.

Kundali Bhagya 02 Sept 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Karan Protects Preeta

The goons capture her and Preeta on seeing Karan hugs him and by seeing that the goons keep on saying by looking at Karan that they now came actually to know the reason why she ran from the wedding. Karan seeing and hearing all that gets damn frustrated and he is freed totally so he beats up Prithvi’s men one by one. Karan warns them to stay away from any girl in the future and orders them to leave.

After that Preeta recalls each and every moment that she had spent with Karan and starts yelling at him that she was waiting for Karan to come for her wedding, why didn’t he come? Also, Preeta Hugs him and asks he has been hurt to that Karan tells that he has been hurt since when but she is observing it now. he says that he has no right to ask this from her, she says that she will and Karan has to answer everything because she was waiting for him.she keeps on yelling at him for not coming so frustrated Karan says that she should have talked in the mandap, in mandap she was quiet and listening to everything so she comes to know that he was present in weeding. So she asks him but he denies it and tells that you hate me, you don’t like me for you Rishab and Prithvi are good and not me but to that she emotionally sobbing answered that she cares for him the most.

Rakhi asks Rishab why he told each and everything to Karina as it would be better if they waited a little longer, they are talking when both Karina and Dadi arrives. As Karina is out from the car she asks about Prithvi and tells that she won’t leave him but Rishab calms her and tells that its police station and we have to follow rules and regulations. Karina taunts that time she will ok the first basis will talk to Sarla and Preeta as she was the one who brought Prithvi into their lives and it was because of her that he came into their lives and they got him for all of there family functions but Rishab tells her to stop blaming Preeta for all this and for all the problems that happen in our life. She is my friend and I care for her and she won’t do anything that would hurt our family. Karina asks why is he defending Preeta so much? And the way he defending does not seems to be care in friendship but love for her. Prithvi also agrees about his love for Preeta and all got amazed.

Preeta is in front of Karan telling him that she does not hate him till the moment he is quiet she does and not talking wrongfully about her. Preeta than says that she was waiting and she kept on thinking that what he did was wrong and will come to apologize. Karan says that he didn’t felt guilty at all and so he won’t apologize and stops her to fight for the meaningless topic. Before leaving he offers her to drop her but Preeta down response anything to it he starts walking ahead to his bike and each moment he is walking he looks back and her and at the moment he reaches preeta accepts his offer. While he is riding the bike and Preeta is seating behind he remembers that moment when she does not helps him during Rishab wedding and Preeta removes the hand from his shoulders and he notices it.

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