In today's episode of Kundali Bhagya we see the marriage of Karan and Preeta that is taking place and also the Lutras are upset due to the behavior of Preeta.

Kundali Bhagya 10 September 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Preeta and Karan Married

Today’s episode of 10 September 2019 Kundali Bhagya starts as we see Karan and Preeta standing in the mandap. On the other hand, Karina and Dadi blame Rakhee for supporting Preeta. Rakhee admits that she had a soft corner for Preeta but now she hates Preeta as she supported Prithvi who has tried killing Mahesh. Dadi gets very emotional as Mahesh is still not out of coma completely. She feels guilty for not being able to do justice with Mahesh as Preeta supported Prithvi. Sherlyn enjoys as Preeta and Prithvi become villains for the Luthra. By that time Rishabh comes there. He assures Dadi to do justice with his father. He consoles Dadi, Karina, and his mother. He notices Sherlyn standing behind the pillar.

He asks her not to be awkward as she is a member of their family. Sherlyn tells him a fake reason for standing there. Later on, he takes Dadi, Rakhee to their rooms. On the other hand, Sarla ties a knot of Karan and Preeta. She gets very emotional and recollects Preeta’s childhood memories. Preeta also gets very emotional. Sarla learns that Preeta is not happy with her marriage. Shrishti is hurtful as Sarla will never be giving what Preeta desires. Meanwhile, Preeta is very heartbroken as all her ties with Luthras have been broken. But Karan (Dheeraj Dhoopar) is very much revengeful with Preeta which is the reason he got married to her.

In the meantime, Sherlyn comes to her room where she finds Rishabh very upset. Rishabh apologizes to Sherlyn as she was always compared to Preeta as Luthras always had a soft corner for Preeta. Sherlyn is happy to see that Rishabh now hates Preeta a lot. But Rishabh also tells Sherlyn that he has started believing in her somehow and asks her not to let him lost trust in her. Sherlyn is happy as her image in the Luthra house is being enhanced as they all hate Preeta.

Meanwhile, the pandit explains the importance of saat pheras to Karan and Preeta being the groom and the bride. Both of them start taking the saat pheras. Preeta makes herself understand that Karan and his family hate her so she should concentrate her married life henceforth. Karan also remembers that the transgender had blessed them to be a pair which has come into reality. What will be Preeta’s reaction when she will learn that Karan is her groom and not Prithvi? Stay hooked to find out.

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