This episode of Kundali Bhagya focuses on Preeta who stands by Prithvi against Karan, but Karan is sure Prithvi is playing with her feelings.

Kundali Bhagya 15 April 2019 Full Episode Written Update: Karan is aghast as Preeta goes Against him!

Tonight’s episode begins with the shot where Karan is still using aggression to get the truth out of Prithvi. Preeta then asks Karan to back off when she sees Prithvi in pain. Prithvi plays the innocent guy who is being attacked for no reason. Preeta takes Karan out of the hospital room to calm him down.

Preeta fights with Karan about the way he is speaking to Prithvi. Karan tells Preeta that she is wrong in taking Prithvi’s side and then Preeta agrees that Sherlyn is having an affair with somebody but she is sure it is not Prtihvi. Karan challenges her to prove that Prithvi is not having an affair with Sherlyn.

Meanwhile, Sherlyn goes with Rishabh to the police station to take back her complaint. When they leave the police station, Preeta calls up Rishabh to tell him she will be with Prithvi for the day and hearing this Sherlyn gets jealous and asks Rishabh to take her to the hospital.

Back at the hospital, Prithvi is making sure that Preeta is always attending to him. He asks her to feed her with her own hands and get him a glass of water. When Rishabh and Karan show up they see Preeta being nice to Prithvi and get jealous. To rub salt in their wounds Prithvi asks Preeta to give him a shoulder massage.

However, he notices Sherlyn who is getting mad with jealousy and is outraged. Rishabh then asks Preeta to be away for some time. Sherlyn makes up and excuse and leaves the hospital in anger.

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