MTV Roadies Real Heroes 12 May 2019 Written Update of today’s episode Prince and Neha get into a heated argument. Rannvijay brings out his trump card.

MTV Roadies Real Heroes 12 May 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Rannvijay Singh flashes his trump card

Today’s MTV Roadies Real Heroes Written Update 12 May was full of drama and emotions. The gang leaders finally got a chance to complete their gangs.

Rannvijay Singh announces their task which is Relay Jelay. In this task, the roadies will have to pick up their gang leaders and run around a ring circle. After every round, a gang leader gets eliminated. Having recently given birth, Neha Dhupia is apprehensive about getting into a palki and being lifted by the roadies. While carrying gang leader Sandeep Singh turns out to be a strenuous task for the members because of his impressive build. The winning gang leader obviously got a chance to pick up their choice of members for the gang.

Evening vote out arrives which turns out to be another battleground. Prince Narula wants the strongest contestant to be voted out of the game which leaves Neha unhappy. Her and Prince thereafter get into an argument about the same. While Nikhil Chinapa agrees with Prince, Raftaar and Sandeep Singh take Neha’s side.

Prince and Nikhil bring up the last elimination when Neha played smart and did not let Tara and Tarun get into Prince’s gang which they wanted. Neha justifies her actions by calling them stupid and saying that she may have not let the two contestants get into his gang but that also does not mean that she was responsible by weakening Prince’s gang with a non-deserving roadie.

The vote outs happen. Once done, Rannvijay Singh gets his trump card out and chooses one roadie to be his ‘Joker’. This contestant will go along the journey with Rannvijay himself and will only be able to join the gang later in the show.

MTV Roadies Real Heroes Written Update 12 May 2019 full episode ends here.

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