MTV Roadies Real Heroes 21 July 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how the ringmaster assigns a new task with the name 'Woodland Treasure Rumble'.

MTV Roadies Real Heroes 21 July 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Woodland Treasure Rumble

Today’s Roadies Real Heroes of 21 July 2019 begins with Tara, Aarushi and Sahibaa’s fight with Rachel

Next morning, the contestants head to their task location. On the task location fight start begin with Rachel and sahiba. The name of today’s task was “Woodland Treasure Rumble”.

This task is in Three stage. In first stage there is area that is full of garbage. And they have to clean up all the garbage. There are plastic bottles laying down, there are two treasure maps in two of those bottles

The second stage begin with five minutes. Then they have to dig the place, and find the treasure. There are two maps. If those maps go to different gangs, they will know where the treasure is. They’ll dig right there. But maps are not necessary to get the treasure. Everyone can find the treasure. Whoever finds the treasure two people will get immune from that gang.

In stage three they have to guard their treasures and immunities.the two treasures down there have 20 silver nuggets. Two people from opposite gang will come down. It will be the guards from every gang, they can only take one thing at a time from the treasure. The one who will have the most silver nuggets up there will Win. And they will have to snatched the immunity from them.
Prince and Sandeep’s gangs decide to play together. Nikhil, Raftaar and Neha’s team decide to stick together.

In the treasure hunt task, all the contestants engage in a gang fight. Milind got first treasure and lakshya got second treasure During the task, Gaurav gets badly injured and is sent to the hospital. The contestants get scared seeing Gaurav’s condition.

The task ends there. Neha and Nikhil’s teams have two immunities each. The contestants return to their tents.

Tara informs Yukti and others that Aarushi is planning against them.

All of them head to the vote-out session. Contestants are shocked and happy to see Guarav and Milind back. Gaurav announces that he is doing fine now and there’s no fracture or dislocation.

Prince’s team has won one immunity and he gives it to Ankita.

In Sandeep’s team, Tara and Sahiba had an immunity from the previous task. Out of Rashmeet and Ashish, Sandeep gives the immunity to Ashish because he feels the stronger contestant will be targeted.

Raftaar gives the immunity to Lakshya and Simran. The vote out begins. Rannvijay announces that names written on the cue cards will be in danger. Rachel, Aarushi and Rashmeet get maximum votes.

Rannvijay now tells the three to write the names of all the contestants who have voted against them. After this, the three of them stand in a tie-breaker due to which, Rannvijay announces the maximum number of votes will be counted.

Rashmeet gets voted out. MTV Roadies Real Heroes written update of 21 july 2019 ends here.

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