MTV Roadies Real Heroes 28 July 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Bidhan wins immunity by coming out of the cage thrice in puzzle.

MTV Roadies Real Heroes 28 July 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Bidhan wins immunity

Today’s Roadies Real Heroes of 28 July 2019 begins with Yukti and Tara plotting against Aarushi to vote her out. Aarushi saying that Tara brought topic every time that Aarushi plotted against us and Bidhan. Aarushi was been targeted in vote out.

Later, the Roadies and gang leaders head to their next task location. Rannvijay announcing. “Gang leader Raftaar is not present and he is going to join us very soon” And making shoking announcement “Welcome to your next vote out” all members and gang leaders where shocked.

Rannvijay says There will be one boy and one girl will be voted out and go home. Raftaar team looked his team looks tensed. Aarushi thinks other members will target them.

This was fight to vote task. Each gang one boy and girl will nominated by gang Leaders. They will go in a cage. They have to come out through a door. Whoever gets out will get one minute to go and cast their vote on board. This process is that there are pictures of everyone. Whoever you want to vote out . they have to drop them from the puzzle.

The boys will have five rounds and so will the girls. The boy and girl to come outside more will become immune. There was important decision had to taken by gang leaders.

Sandeep sends Ashish from his gang. Nikhil selects Simran and Lakshya. Neha sends Sohil and Prince sends Bidhan and Ankita.

With Raftaar missing, Rannvijay asks Aarushi to select one boy out of Arun and Rachel. Aarushi takes Rachel’s name for the task. By this decision Rachel got upset. Rachel twists his foot during the task but insists on playing the game.

Out of 5 rounds, Bidhan comes out of the cage thrice and wins immunity. In the puzzle, the girls and boys have to select a member, who they want to vote out.

The girls’ round begins. Ankita consecutively comes out of the cage thrice. She wins immunity. Prince is happy as both his gang members have won immunity.

Rachel and Aarushi get voted out. By Bidhan and Ankita. And gang rafter was targeted by his absence.

Sahiba was happy by putting Aarushi voted out. Bhatia and Milind was shocked by sahiba and Tara behaviour.

Raftaar returns to learn two of his members are voted out and only Arun is left.
For this task, gang leaders have to make alliances. Raftaar teams up with Neha. Prince with Nikhil and Sandeep is left alone.

Raftaar and Neha’s team go to perform. Raftar was failed reniwd timer of sohil. Arun perform his task Well brought all 3 tickets Milind was making mistakes and fail to do task Neha is disappointed with the team’s performance.

From Nikhil and Prince’s team, Simran struggles to climb a wall and Lakshya was making same mistakes as Milind from Neha’s team. Nikhil and Prince’s gang fail to complete the task.
Raftaar and Neha rejoice in happiness as they win two immunities.

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