MTV Roadies Real Heroes 4 Aug 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how 3 different vote-out's are held and one gang knockout task is performed for the first time.

MTV Roadies Real Heroes 04 August 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Gang Knockout Task

Today’s Episode of MTV Roadies Real Heroes of 04 August 2019 starts with Raftaar gang and Neha Gang having the immunity and thinking of voting out Tara, and there is argument between Tara and Milind and also Ashish interfiers and argument turns aggressive.

Everyone come for a vote out and Rannvijay throws a surprise that there will be a voteout between alliances of Neha-Raftaar and Prince-Nikhil. Also, Neha-Raftaar will tell who is immune after the vote-out so that no one plans against one guy. And Rannvijay gives Sandeep Gang one chance of saving one gang member for which Ashish gets safe. Saiba and Tara have a strong argument related to a statement she made against Tara. Tara also starts crying for the statement of Saiba. Saiba changes her statement which is lesser disrespectful. Voteout is done and MIlind is selected for immunity by neha. Arun has maximum votes against him but he gets safe because of her immunity. In the second voteout Simran is voted out.

Time for the third voteout between Tara and Saiba. Prince and Neha argue related to the Prince’s thought of voteout. Saiba is voted out. Tara is safe and he and Milind get into a argument. Tara’s body language had changed after being safe.

All the Roadies come for the last task of this destination before going to the final destination. Here Rannvijay tells them that Final destination will have only 4 gangs so this particular task will be a ‘Gang Knockout Task’ and everyone is shellshocked. Gang leaders were asked to decided which gang to knockout. Neha gets emotional to take this decision. Prince chooses Neha’s gang, Nikhil chooses Sandeep gang, Sandeep chooses Neha, Neha chooses Sandeep and Raftaar also chooses Sandeep, Tara and Ashish have one last chance to challenge one of the remaining gangs and if they win they stay and opposite gangs goes or vice-versa. Tara wants to compite against Neha gang while Ashish wants to compete against Nikhil gang and hence Sandeep has to decide for them. Sandeep chooses Neha. And the task starts it is a four stage task. It will great to watch Milind vs Tara.

Challengers(Sandeep gang) go first. Tara and Ashish start with full force. They complet it nicely. Now it was the turn of neha gang. Sohail came down the bar like lightining. They solve the puzzle slowly so that they don’t make a mistake. The fight was really tough. It was time for the result.

Sandeep gang took 14 min 15 secs to complete the task.

Neha gang 19 min 02 secs

So Sandeep gang wins the task Rannvijay takes a selfie with the wining gang. Neha’s gang was out of the competition. Neha will be accompanig Rannvijay in the journey and off they all leave for the final destination. The Written update of 04 August 2019 of MTV Roadies Real Heroes ends here.

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