Naagin 3 season 18 May 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Bela enters the Rahasyamayi temple. She meets a person there and states that she wants to meet Maha Nagraani.

Naagin 3 18 May 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Mission Maha Naagrani begins

Today’s Naagin 3 season 18 May episode begins with Vikrant taking his last breath in Vishaka’s arms. Vishaka breaks down in tears. She rushes behind Mihir to fulfill Vikrant’s promise. Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) manages to find the bird which had Mihir’s soul.

The bird comes to Mihir and returns his soul. Mihir rolls down towards the cliff. Bela tries to enter the Rahasyamayi temple. The cobra guards come and attack Bela to stop her. Mihir is hanging on a tree branch. He recalls his past memories.

He somehow manages to come back on the ground. Meanwhile, the cobra ingests Bela alive. Bela tears off his body and comes out. Mahir remembers everything of his past life. He then rushes towards his family members to save them from DM.

Bela enters the Rahasyamayi temple. She meets a person there. She states that she wants to meet Maha Naagrani. The person tells Bela about the secret door where she can find a way to reach out to Maha Naagrani. Mihir comes to Sehgal house.

He decides to keep mum in front of Sumitra until he sends his family members to a safe place. Bela finds a long veil inside the temple. She lights fire to it and decides to find Maha Naagrani’s truth at every possible cost. Suddenly, the ground breaks and Bela comes to a secret place. She finds a diary there and reads it to get her answers.

The book shows the glimpses of Shivangi’s past. The book reveals that Shivangi is still alive and Rocky and Ritik is also alive. She steps out of the temple to search for Ritik and Rocky. She learns about their premiere party and decides to take them to the Rahasyamayi temple with a hope that Maha Naagrani will meet her.

Bela and Vishaka decide to enter Rocky and Ritik’s premiere party. Mihir instructs his family to leave the Sehgal house without informing anything to DM. The family does the same. Later, Mahir meets Bela. The two share an emotional moment. Bela then tells Mahir that Tanya is Tamsi.

Bela and Mahir head towards Rocky and Ritik’s party. Ritik and Rocky celebrate their success. Vishaka and Bela come to the party. Vishaka enacts to be a super-rich landowner to attract Ritik and Rocky. The written update of 18 May 2019 Naagin 3 episode full story ends here.

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