In Naagin 5 Written Update Season05 Episode40 26th December 2020, we see that Jai asks Bani to marry him. Jai says that when Veer will come to know that Bani is marrying Jai then he will get jealous and come back to Bani.

Naagin 5 Written Update S05 Ep40 26th December 2020: Bani agrees to marry Jai to get Veer back

The episode of Naagin 5 starts with Veer dancing with Chandni. Chandni then asks Veer to get ready as it is time…

Bani says that she is ready and can go anywhere for Veer. Bani hears a voice that when Bani will start climbing the stairs, she will lose her sight and have to rescue Veer in that state. Bani then starts climbing the stairs.

On the moon, Pandit Ji asks the bride and groom to come in the mandap. Chandni comes down and says that Veer will follow her. Veer comes there and asks Pandit to chant the mantras.
Bani finds it difficult to climb the stairs. She slips and calls Veer.

Veer hears Bani’s voice but then thinks that he is assuming things. Chandni comes to know that Bani is coming to take Veer back. Chandni asks Pandit to chant the mantras while she will come in some time.

Chandni goes to Bani and tells her that Veer is going to marry her. Bani is helpless as she is blind. Chandni then pushes Bani. Bani roles down the stairs and directly falls in her house.

Bani then cries and tells Meera that Veer is getting married to Chandni.

Jai comes there and says that if Bani wants to bring Veer back then she has to marry Jai.

Jai says that Veer will come to know that Bani is marrying Jai then he will get jealous and will come back to Bani. Bani agrees with Jai.

Veer then tells Chandi that he wants his family to be there for his marriage. Chandi then shows Veer his family on a magical screen.

Tapish then tells Veer that Bani is marrying Jai. Veer gets jealous.
Later, Bani and Jai come together and start their fake wedding. Veer looks at them and gets jealous.

Bani and Jai start with their pheras. Veer and Chandi also start with their pheras.