The episode of Roadies Revolution starts with Ranvijay sending a message to all the Roadies asking what is important to them, friendship or game. Roadies say that their friendship is important.

Ranvijay asks them to think about it wisely and meet Ranvijay at the task location.
In the evening, all Roadies get to the task location. Ranvijay welcomes the Roadies and says that this is their surprise vote out. Everyone gets shocked.

Ranvijay says that he will form the team and asks Neha to choose a captain. Ranvijay says that the Roadies can pitch so that Neha can make them her team’s captain.
Shreya, Poonam and Sanjay ask Neha to make them Neha’s team captain. Neha makes a decision and selects Abhimanyu as she doesn’t want Abhimanyu to go into Varun’s team.

Nikhil, Neha and Varun get to choose a girl for their team.
Nikhil and Neha fight for Poonam. Nikhil then changes his decision and selects Shreya, and Varun selects Nisha.

Ranvijay says that the left 5 Roadies who are not in any team will have to fight for their survival.
Ranvijay says that the Roadies will have to perform a task and then they will get a chance to vote. Ranvijay says that the Roadies will have to play three stages and in every round, one Roadie will get eliminated.

Hamid is injured, so he gets an opportunity to choose a Roadie who will play for Hamid. Hamid chooses Abhimanyu.
Then Ranvijay explains all the three stages in the task.

The task begins, and Zabi gets eliminated in the 1st stage.
In the next round, Roadies have to find the ball and make a row of the ball. Vipin gets eliminated in the 2nd round.

In the 3rd round, Sanjay drops three balls and gets to add two votes against others. Abhimanyu comes 2nd.
After the task, Ranvijay reveals all the votes. Vipin gets three votes and the rest of the votes go against Sanjay. Sanjay lost and had to leave Roadies.

The episode ends with Sanjay saying goodbye to all the Roadies.