The episode of Roadies Revolution starts with Roadies getting surprise gifts from Spykar as they survived the last vote out.
Pratibha Singh says that Neha saved her by giving her star, so now she says that she has to get back the star for Neha and her team.

Roadies get ready for the next task and come to the task location.

Ranvijay welcome all the Roadies. He says that in today’s task 2 leaders have to make 1alliance. There will be 2groups. And the winning team will get Immune. Also, after the winning group has 2team alliance, both team will get a star each.
Ranvijay asks the leader to pick their alliance team.

Varun says that he wants to go with Nikhil’s team. Neha also says that she wants to perform with Nikhil. Nikhil gets a chance to select between Varun and Neha.

Nikhil goes with Varun. Neha goes with Prince’s team.

Tasks name is Basket Brawl. Ranvijay explains everyone the task.

Varun and Nikhil select their team members. Neha selects team members for her and Prince’s team.

Rannvijay explains the rules and regulations to the Roadies and the gang leaders.

Both the team’s gang leader motivate the Roadies.

The task starts, Abhimanyu runs towards the ball, he pushes the ball to Michael. Michael passes the ball to the girls. Then Poonam attempts to basket the ball, but she fails.

Boys have to Brawl again.
Pratibha gets the ball. She tries to basket, but she also fails.

Next round, Jayant passes the ball to Arushi. Arushi tries to basket the ball but, she misses.
After many tries, Arushi baskets a ball and gives a point to Varun and Nikhil’s team.

Round 1 is over.
Round 2 starts with Hamid scoring a basket and giving a point to Prince and Neha’s team.

Later, Ranvijay gives 3chance to each to score a goal.
Varun and Nikhil’s team score 2from 3and their total score is 3.
Neha and Prince’s team score 3from 3and their total score is 4.
Neha and Prince’s team win the task and gains the immunity and also gets the stars for their gang.