The episode of Roadies Revolution starts with Ranvijay going to the Roadies Arena for the winning team.
Ranvijay tells the team that he wants them to meet someone. Everyone worries. Aman Poddar says that he is scared to meet new people and new wild card entries.

Ranvijay calls them in. 3 people walk into the arena. Ranvijay says that they are the Roadies digital contest winners and they have come to interact with the Roadies. Ranvijay says that at the end they will give him one name from the Roadies and that person will get an advantage.

The guests interact with the Roadies and ask them to do some fun activities with them. They later say that they decided a person whose name they will be giving to Ranvijay.
Next day, the Roadies get a message that they have to get ready for their next vote out. Everyone gets shocked by the new twist.

Later, they get ready and gather for their next vote out. Roadies get into an argument discussing the last task. Ranvijay stops everyone and sorts it out by watching the CCTV of the last task. Ranvijay says that Pratibha slapped Arushi and Roadies cannot tolerate such violence. He tells Pratibha that she can’t continue the journey of Roadies.

Then Ranvijay continues with the vote out. He says that they can vote out the Roadies in pairs. The roadies form the pairs after lots of discussions. Ranvijay confirms the pairs. Ranvijay calls the 3 guests so that they can tell them the name who will be getting an advantage.

The winning team puts their vote. Ranvijay discloses the votes.
Arushi and Sanjay get the most votes in the vote out.