Today’s Sanjivani 22 August episode begins with Sid going to the hospital. Ishani tried to fight for the terrorist’s kid but failed. Vardhan tried to make Ishani understand that no doctor would get ready to operate on the girl and create issues. Dr. Sid came and said he will do it. Vardhan got him thrown out of the hospital. Dr. Juhi (Gurdeep Singh) and Dr. Anjali struggled to work on a pregnant patient.

Ishani was searching for Dr. Shashank but instead found Dr. Siddhant with the terrorist’s daughter. They both hid in the X-Ray room and decided to treat Sanya. Sid revealed how he got back the girl in Sanjivani through the back entrance. He said they would operate Sanya secretly.

They struggled to take Sanya in the operation theatre as Vardhan had spread his security in the hospital for their search. Dr. Asha was not sure about keeping Dr. Shashank with other patients while Juhi said he would have given up his bed if he was fine. Dr. Shashank came to know about the terrorist’s daughter and enquired about Dr. Sid.

He said if Sid had seen the patient, he would do anything to save her. Dr. Sid had a whole team of doctors to help him in the operation theatre but one doctor turned out to be Dr. Rishabh who was against the surgery. The written update of 22 August 2019 Sanjivani episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Sanjivani, watch Juhi gets hit by the mob while Rishabh leaks Sid’s pictures operating on the girl. Stay tuned!